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Early Years Initiative

SVP Vancouver’s Early Years Initiative is a three-year, high-impact program that focuses on addressing the current and pressing issues facing children (ages 0-6).

In line with SVP Vancouver’s pioneering approach to investing in social innovation, the Early Years Initiative explores innovations in the early years space. The program will provide unrestricted funding, capacity building and other tailored programming to a portfolio of up to six nonprofits (approximately two per year) that are focused on research-informed, evidence-based early years interventions.

Recognizing the complex and intersectional nature of the issues affecting Early Childhood Development, the Early Years Initiative seeks to inspire cross-sector collaboration between nonprofits, community and subject matter experts, community organizations, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists. It is our hope that, through a more concentrated, collective approach, we can contribute to greater long-term systemic impact.

Why focus on the early years?

Early Childhood Development is one of the most critical and underserved phases of a child’s life. In Vancouver, one in three children enters Grade 1 poorly prepared to learn due to vulnerabilities in one or more key developmental areas—vulnerabilities that can greatly affect their future potential. 

During the early years:


Program Dates

The Early Years Initiative was launched in April 2021 and will continue through April 2024.


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