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SVP International

With more than 3400 members from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

In Tucson we have 111 members (our Partners). They range from journalists to financial managers, from nonprofit leaders to corporate veterans, and from foundation executives to people just beginning to explore their giving potential.

If you want to make a difference – and a bigger difference then you could alone – you’ll want to meet these folks.

SVP Partner David Griffis effectively facilitated a five way merger of literacy organizations in Tucson, including Investees Literacy Volunteers of Tucson and Reading Seed, forming Literacy Connects.

After three years of working with Sunnyside Parents as Teachers (SPAT), SVP Partner John Duffy continues to support SPAT’s work, even after they “graduated” from SVP’s program in 2012, including funding a consultant to assist in developing a detailed and targeted fund development plan.

Mary-Jan Bancroft founded, and continues to serve as Chief Visionary Officer for Make Way for Books (MWFB), a literacy organization selected to be an SVP Tucson Investee in 2008. This relationship and common focus created a lasting partnership between SVP and the Bancrofts, with Mary Jan and husband Paul ultimately becoming SVP Partners in May 2013.

And the list goes on…

Every story is different, but each is fueled by a series of connections. That’s the beauty of the SVP network. You never know who will take your impact to the next level.

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Our Partners…

Adaline Klemmedson

She was prompted to join by “the idea of being able to provide expertise in a variety of areas to deserving organizations that needed help in furthering their mission.” Read More »

Allison Vaillancourt

Allison has been on the SVP Tucson Board of Directors since 2020. She is a Co-Lead Partner with the Make Way for [...] Read More »

Ann Lovell

A favorite quote of Ann’s is: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive,” (Howard Thurman). Read More »

Anne Maley and Tim Schaffner

According to Anne, “The concept of SVP is pretty exciting to me. I think we have more of a collective impact when we can work together and provide not just money, but to also get in there and work side-by-side in those relationships [with non-profits].” Read More »

Bob McKay

As a research chemist and executive with E.I. DuPont for 35 years, Bob and his family lived in Europe, Asia and the U.S. Now Bob and wife Ginnie have settled into a well deserved retirement near Sabino Canyon. Read More »

Craig Watson

When asked to share a significant life skill lesson he received, Craig remembered his father always teaching him to be a good listener by being a living example. It was the best piece of advice he ever received. He has been working on The Conversation Project, which helps families talk about tough issues such as end of life wishes and relationships. Read More »

Cynthia Dickstein

“There is absolutely no value in worrying about the future!” Read More »

Elizabeth Rollings and Doug Friman

“My brother and I grew up watching both of our parents give back and serve others,” said Elizabeth. “Now the tradition of service is something I’m excited to carry on myself. As a 3rd generation Tucsonan who has seen her hometown grow and change, I recognize the importance of promoting community organizations at a grassroots level.” Read More »

Frank Grundstrom

As a young reporter, Frank's editor once gave him a piece of advice that has remained with him to this day: “Keep your head down and work - don’t play office politics; it’ll hurt you in the long run.” After spending 32 years with the Boston Globe, this advice seems to have paid off. Read More »

Hank Walker

As a frontrunner of the Youth On Their Own (YOTO) work team, Hank rolled up his sleeves with other Partners and worked collaboratively to assist YOTO with the same types of projects that he helps clients with on a daily basis. Tucson’s cool in that way: “Tucson is just a big college town. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcomed to do so. Individuals really can make a difference!” Hank says. Read More »

Helaine Levy

Helaine believes that SVP Tucson fills a gap by engaging philanthropists towards a common goal to provide more effective investment and support for Tucson’s non-profits, while also providing educational opportunities for its partners. Read More »

John Duffy

“Yes, I am retired," says John, "And the best part of life after a career of making a living is that there are now unlimited careers involving ‘giving back’ still ahead!" Read More »

Koren Sherrick

Originally from Chicago and raised in Tucson, Koren is currently the Director of Payor Contracting for VillageMD [...] Read More »

Leslie Perls

Leslie Perls, a seasoned creative professional representing LP&G Marketing, joined the SVP family in 2013 and has contributed greatly to our capacity building efforts. Leslie was involved in the inception of the Fast Pitch event, building the brand and soliciting key partners and corporate sponsors. Read More »

Mary Jan and Paul Bancroft

Mary Jan’s passion is fueled by an idea expressed in one of her favorite quotes: “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world. Education is the only solution.” Read More »

Pam Grissom

In her free time, you may find Pam on a luxury hiking vacation, at a wine tasting, relaxing on beaches and snorkeling, watching movies or live music. “I'm always looking for fun people to go to rock concerts with. I support the Tucson Blues Society and I attend the New Orleans Jazz Festival every year!” Read More »

Patricia Andrade

After volunteering for over 35 years for various causes, Patricia was “thrilled” about SVP’s ability to help innovative non-profits do good work better through effective investment in capacity building Read More »

Rhonda Fleming

After living in Tucson for close to 40 years, Rhonda has always had an active role in the community utilizing her passion for learning and philanthropy. As a teacher she helped provide extracurricular learning activities for students, including Mock Trail, Science Olympiads and Tucson High’s Site Council. Outside of school Rhonda has worked to improve her community by organizing and fund raising for child centered activities, and serving on the Board of Directors of the YMCA. Read More »

Sara Long

Sara has been on the SVP Tucson Board of Directors since 2018. She is also the chair of SVP’s Connectors [...] Read More »

Stephen Garcia

Stephen has been on the SVP Tucson Board of Directors since 2020. He has also been a member of the 2019 Fast Pitch [...] Read More »

Tucson Electric Power

TEP is committed to enhancing the communities we serve by investing in strategic philanthropy. Their corporate giving is focused in three areas: the environment, education, and community engagement. For 2015 TEP's community engagement is centered around safety/supporting first responders, veterans, and increasing the capacity of our nonprofit partners. That is why their commitment to SVP is so strong – they know we play a key role in helping strengthen organizations who make our communities better. Read More »


We are tremendously grateful for our community of Partners.

Your time and talent, your generosity, your drive for something better… these are the roots of transformation – for individuals, for organizations, for our community. Thank you.


    • Joanne and Howie Adams
    • Patricia Andrade and Hank Walker
    • Mary Jan and Paul Bancroft
    • Joanna Barsh and David Garbasz
    • Stephanie Bowers and Aaron Rottenstein
    • Lori and Mike Bryant
    • Ruby and Bill Buchsbaum
    • Ava Butler
    • Sandra Carter and Travis Palmer
    • Amy Charles and Steve McMillan
    • Susan Comstock and Marc Rolfes
    • Lois and Tom Curti
    • Cynthia Dickstein and Frank Grundstrom
    • Anne and John Duffy
    • Rhonda and Robert Fleming
    • Elizabeth and Doug Friman
    • Judith (Judy) Gans and Joe Kalt
    • Peggy Goulding and In Loving Memory, Steve Goulding
    • Pam Grissom
    • Cande and Tom Grogan
    • Liz Kanter Groskind and Eric Groskind
    • Barbara Harrison
    • Serene and Matthew Harrison
    • Lyric and Steven Kite
    • Adaline and Dan Klemmedson
    • Shannon and Eric Kutscher
    • Ashley La Russa
    • Helaine Levy
    • Sara and Johnny Long
    • Ann Lovell and Tom Warne
    • Anne Maley and Tim Schaffner
    • Bob McKay
    • Beth Miller and Chip Perry
    • Catherene “Renee” Morton
    • Ellen and Bill Nicoletti
    • Julie and Ritesh Patel
    • Diane and John Patience
    • Leslie Perls
    • Margaret Rennels and David Curl
    • Linda and Dick Sampliner
    • Koren Sherrick
    • Kerri and Jeff Silvyn
    • Sarah Simpson
    • Rhona and Louis Stern
    • Susan and Jim Sofft
    • Michael Tucker
    • Allison and Richard Vaillancourt
    • Frank Velasquez Jr
    • Magdalena Verdugo
    • Deborah and Craig Watson
    • Diane and Steve Whitthoeft

Community Partners

    • Arizona Public Media
      Jack Gibson, Director and General Manager and Gene Robinson, Marketing & Communications Director
    • Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
      Mark Montoya, Interim President and CEO
    • Gadabout SalonSpas
      Megan Jasper, Jana Westerbeke and Pam McNair Wingate
    • Jewish Community Foundation
      Graham Hoffman, CEO
    • Nextrio
      Cristie Street, CEO
    • Roediger Hoff, PLC
      Anne Hoff & Anne Roediger
    • Tech Parks Arizona
      Lindsay Welch, Vice President of Corporate Relations
    • Tucson Electric Power
      Stephen Garcia, Ryan Matchett, Wendy Eric Werden
    • Tucson Federal Credit Union
      Miguel Cruz