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  • The Fear of Islam, by Todd H. Green
    This important book is essential reading for anyone who wants to better understand current views of Islam and to work toward meaningful peace and understanding between religious communities.
  • Fear In Our Hearts, by Caleb Iyer Elfenbein, 2021
    Argues that anti-Muslim activity reveals how fear is corroding core American values, Amazon.com
  • Outsiders at Home: The Politics of American Islamophobia, by Nazita Lajevardi, 2020
    The author shows that the rampant, mostly negative discussion of Muslims in media and national discourse has yielded devastating political and social consequences.
  • Conditional Citizens: On Belonging in America by Laila Lalami, Pantheon, 2020
    “In this eloquent and troubling account, novelist and National Book Award–finalist Lalami (The Other Americans) draws on her personal history as “an immigrant, a woman, an Arab, and a Muslim” to argue that becoming a U.S. citizen does not necessarily mean becoming “an equal member of the American family” . . . This profound inquiry into the American immigrant experience deserves to be widely read.”
    —Publishers Weekly [starred review]
  • Islamophobia, Race, and Global Politics, by Nazia Kazi, 2018
    “….sheds light on the diverse experiences of American Muslims, especially the varying ways they have experienced Islamophobia, and confronts some of the misguided attempts to tackle this Islamophobia.” Amazon.com
  • Dancing in the Mosque: An Afghan Mother’s Letter to Her Son, by Homeira Qaderi, Harper Collins, 2020
    A People Book of the Week and a Kirkus Best Nonfiction of the Year. An exquisite and inspiring memoir, written by an Afghan women’s rights activist who lives in exile in California, about her unimaginable choice in the face of oppression and abuse in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan
  • Homeland Elegies by Ayad Akhtar , 2020, Tinder Press
    This outstanding novel incorporates elements of memoir, essay and history to explore post-9/11 America through the eyes of a Muslim and his father
  • Sisters in the Mirror: A History of Muslim Women and the Global Politics of Feminism by Elora Shehabuddin, University of California Press, 2021
    Presents a unique and engaging history of feminism as a story of colonial and postcolonial interactions between Western and Muslim societies.
  • The Racial Muslim by Sahar Aziz
    University of California Press; First edition (November 2021
    Why does a country with religious liberty enmeshed in its legal and social structures produce such overt prejudice and discrimination against Muslims? Aziz’s groundbreaking book demonstrates how race and religion intersect to create what she calls the Racial Muslim. Comparing discrimination against immigrant Muslims with the prejudicial treatment of Jews, Catholics, Mormons, and African American Muslims during the twentieth century, Aziz explores the gap between America’s aspiration for and fulfillment of religious freedom.