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SVP Tucson’s 2 Gen Investment Focus

SVP Tucson’s 2 Gen Investment Focus

SVP Tucson, after eight months of research and meetings with stakeholders in southern Arizona and beyond, has made a commitment to build a robust and vibrant community of nonprofits that will create measurable 2-Generation (2-Gen) change.
2-Gen is an innovative approach that focuses on both parents and their children, so that together they may unleash their full potential.

SVP aims to significantly reduce or eliminate family vulnerabilities for economic security and stability, breaking the cycle of poverty, using the 2-Gen approach. The 2-Gen framework lays out three core components needed to address this issue:

• High-quality early childhood development/education for children and postsecondary education and skills training for parents;

• Economic supports and asset building that provide a scaffold for families as they work to develop skills that lead to better jobs and long-term financial stability; and,

• Social capital and networks that build on the strength and resilience of families

Read more about SVP’s 2-Gen Vision for Tucson here.

This work is made possible by a grant from the Connie Hillman Family Foundation, read more here.