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SVP International

Selection Criteria

Fifteen nonprofit leaders will be selected to participate in the program, with up to seven finalists getting the opportunity to pitch in front of a live audience. Here are the basics to participate:

  • Nonprofit organization – Applicants must provide their 501(c)(3) Employer Identification Number (EIN). Both multi- and single-program organizations are encouraged to apply. If applying from an organization with many programs, you will be asked to identify which program you plan to focus on or if you plan to apply with an umbrella idea covering all or most of your programming.
  • Service Area – Organization may be based outside of Tucson but must have significant operations and impact in Pima County. Preference will be given to organizations headquartered here in Tucson.
  • Presenter – Individuals presenting on behalf of their organization should have at least six months of tenure with the organization and must be a key employee or senior staff member.
  • Size – There are no restrictions based on organizational size, budget or age of organization.
  • Cost – There is no fee to participate in the program or for finalists who present at the event.
  • Funding Restrictions – SVP will not consider requests from individuals, public school districts or their schools, pure sports teams, or any other organization that discriminates based on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, age, marital status, national origin, physical ability, or programs that promote specific religious activities or beliefs.

Applications are rated based on:

  • Social Problem – The applicant clearly articulated the social problem they are trying to solve.
  • Organization and Programs – Clearly articulates what the organization does and how they do it.
  • Innovation – The approach to solving the social problem leads to more dramatic long-term results than other, more conventional models or practices.
  • Potential for significant societal impact – The organization addresses the root of the problem rather than only the symptoms. Metrics are being used to assess long-term outcomes, not just outputs or activities.
  • Wow! Factor – The organization’s idea/program is exciting and inspiring.


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