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What is Fast Pitch?

What is a “Fast Pitch”?
A “Fast Pitch” is a high-energy, quick-fire presentation where social entrepreneurs share the mission, vision, promise, and model of their organization – all in under three minutes! Presenters must be succinct, compelling, polished and passionate. Cash grants and prizes will be awarded at the event by the audience and key sponsors.

Will the Fast Pitch program be Virtual or In-Person?
We are committed to keeping our community safe. We are planning for our programming to be virtual, in-person, or a hyrbid. Stay tuned!

Who should attend the Fast Pitch event?
Anyone interested in learning about and supporting the social sector in Tucson. The event will bring together people from the business, government, academic and nonprofit worlds who want to support a vibrant ecosystem of social change in Tucson. Anyone who seeks to contribute their skills, expertise, finances and connections in ways that contribute to building stronger nonprofit organizations is encouraged to attend.

What kind of training do the participants receive?
The focus areas for the training program are:

  • Pitch Development Workshop: Participants will participate in a workshop to learn about the key elements of an effective practice and presentation.
  • Practice Sessions: Participants practice their pitch in front of a panel of volunteer judges from the business and various other communities who will provide immediate feedback on their presentation.
  • Mentoring & Presentation Development: Participants will also be assigned to work with two volunteer Mentors who will assist them in distilling the feedback and refining their pitch into a crisp three-minute presentation.
    In order to benefit from the program, participants should plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours a week working on their pitch outside the group sessions. Many other Fast Pitch participants reported spending significantly more time.
  • 1:1 Donor Connection Workshops: Participants will receive in-depth training to take their pitch beyond the event and into their relationship building with donors.

    How can I get involved?
    There are many ways to show your support of Fast Pitch. Become a sponsor or get involved!

    Who organizes Fast Pitch?
    Social Venture Partners (SVP) Tucson organizes the Fast Pitch program. We look forward to partnering with a number of leading organizations to market and produce the event. If you’re interested in collaborating or sponsoring Fast Pitch, please contact SVP Program Manager, Brittany Battle, at (520) 209-2879 or via email.