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At Tucson Youth Development (TYD), we consider “life skills” to include youth development that increases and broadens youth skill sets in literacy, academic achievement, employability, and community engagement. We focus attention on the development of these life skills so that youth can transistion to independence and attain future long-term self sufficiency.

Established in 1968, Tucson Youth Development, Inc. is a community based organization and nationally recognized leader in providing innovative and successful education, training and employment programs for low-income and at-risk youth ages 14-21 in Pima County. More than 45,000 youth have been provided direct services through TYD’s programs, enabling young people to remain in school, graduate and transition into post-secondary education/training or the workforce, while gaining valuable work experience and employability skills, develop strong work ethics and achieve their academic, vocational and personal goals.


“Though TYD had fiscal stability and solid government contracts, we felt the organization had reached a steady plateau in growth that needs to be addressed for future sustainability,” Executive Director Arnold Palacios said. “We are enthusiastic and hopeful that this can be accomplished through a partnership with SVP and additional resources available through this opportunity. We would also like to reach additional sources of funding. We will utilize your resources to build our organizational capacity through expertise that we do not currently have available to us.”


 $75,000 between 2013-2015 + Partner time and expertise

TYD recently completed the Organizational Capacity Assessement Tool, which identified three areas of critical need for assistance from SVP: strategic planning, fund development, and marketing. SVP Partners have worked with TYD staff and board members thus far to develop a strategic plan and a work plan. The next phase of our partnership will center around marketing and communications.