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Patricia Andrade

Patricia is currently the managing director for Andrade/Walker Consulting, LLC, providing advisory and consulting services to executive leaders and boards of directors. Her areas of expertise include strategic planning, best practices in governance design and process. Prior to starting Andrade/Walker consulting, Patricia worked as a medical group executive and continues to work extensively with the healthcare industry.

Like many SVP Partners, Patricia and her husband Hank were connected by friends David and Ginnie Griffis who were passionate about the SVP model. After attending a number of social events, and being inspired by Investee stories, the pair became increasingly involved with Patricia currently serving a member of the board. After volunteering for over 35 years for various causes, Patricia was “thrilled” about SVP’s ability to help innovative non-profits do good work better through effective investment in capacity building. As an eternal learner, Patricia’s most valuable experience with SVP so far has been sitting on the investment committee which allowed her to see first-hand the challenges non-profits are facing, and reinforcing the importance of what SVP delivers.

When not being kept busy with her philanthropic and professional work, Patricia loves nothing more than finding a way to relax with her geographically spread out extended family. When this isn’t possible Patricia admittedly dotes on her family of the canine variety; her two Weimaraners. Patricia and Hank also love experiencing world cultures through travel. Sometimes culture expresses itself in unexpected way as the pair found out when travelling in Bolivia guided by their son and his Bolivian wife. During their stay they became trapped in a city by protesting miners for a number of days until they found an “entrepreneurial” driver who circumnavigated the blockages. While undoubtedly scary, Patricia believes this provided a unique insight into the Bolivian culture and their  ability to deal with adversity, which would be hard to find at any resort complex.

Favorite quote: “Seek the counsel of those who seek truth – and run away from those who have found it.” Patricia believes that being in the company of those who are curious and admit to not having all the answers will enable a person to work on the edge, maximize learning, and find out what is true for them.