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John Duffy

After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University in 1963, John spent 3 years in the US Navy. His career took an exciting turn through which he spent 30 years as a member of the NYSE and general partner in Spear, Leeds and Kellogg. Since retiring, he and wife Anne spend part of the year back on the east coast in New Jersey, and part in Tucson. He likes returning in the spring to enjoy the gorgeous cactus blooms. The retired life holds new opportunities for John. “Yes, I am retired, and the best part of life after a career of making a living is that there are now unlimited careers involving ‘giving back’ still ahead!”

John first heard about SVP through another Tucsonan. He was interested in SVP because it gave him the “ability to share my experience with other non-profits and to meet like-minded people.” Before joining, John had strong roots in the practice of giving back. “It started at my workplace where we (the partners) put into the partnership agreement that we had to give away at least 10% of our earrings!” This was a significant commitment which led him to lasting habits.

John recalls that one of the most impactful lessons his mother taught him was “to get up and get the work done” which included gaining all sorts of life skills throughout the years. One of which, you may spot him doing when he has a free moment: reading.

If John, who is fascinated by culture and history, could travel anywhere, he would go “to one of the ‘Stans’ to get a feeling for how they developed under Soviet rule in an area that is mountainous and barren and is now ruled by non-Judeo-Christian philosophies.”