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JobPath provides opportunity for underserved adults to achieve financial independence through improved education and training in local, high-demand careers that lead to high wages. JobPath’s vision is to eliminate poverty and close the workforce skills gap by supporting local talent through job training and education that leads to financial independence, while providing highly skilled, high quality JobPath graduates to meet employer demand in Pima County.

The impact is significant. JobPath students have a 90 percent graduation rate. 85 percent of students find a job in their field of study within 6 months of graduation. Most incredibly, JobPath graduates increase their annual salaries by an average of nearly $40,000!

JobPath provides stipends towards educational costs including tuition, books, and lab or training materials. A secondary layer of financial support is provided towards personal emergencies that affect education such as transportation and technology so that students can continue their education even in the midst of crisis. In addition, JobPath pairs each student with a counselor to help navigate choosing a career path, applying, and any other needs that student has along their scholastic journey. The combination of financial, peer, and guidance support creates a holistic support network to allow students to reach livable wage careers as they navigate life’s challenges on the way.