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Frank Grundstrom

Frank Grundstrom has 32 years of experience working at the Boston Globe, splitting his time evenly between editor and VP for Human Resources. Prior to his time at the Globe, he worked for three other New England newspapers after serving in the US Air Force (partly in Korea). Since moving to Tucson in 2001, Frank has been an active member of the philanthropic community.

This passion for philanthropy brought him to assist in founding Men’s Anti-Violence Partner for Southern Arizona and to the doorstep of SVP Tucson. Since joining on as a partner with SVP Tucson, Frank has been actively involved, including being the immediate prior chair to the board, with which he still serves. Specifically, Frank values the time he has spent with the Investment Committee and the personal learning he gained about the works completed by literacy organizations in the Tucson area.

Frank is always up for a good show, good book, good movie, or good wine with a side of interesting people. Frank also loves to travel with wife Cynthia and friends. When he isn’t traveling the world, Frank enjoys getting ‘close’ to nature, in particular hiking the Rattle Snake Trail in Sabino Canyon where he came face to face with a Gila monster.

As a young reporter, his editor once gave him a piece of advice that has remained with him to this day: “Keep your head down and work – don’t play office politics; it’ll hurt you in the long run.” After spending 32 years with the Boston Globe, this advice seems to have paid off.