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Leslie Perls

Leslie Perls first joined the SVP in 2013 as a corporate partner, leveraging her ownership of LP&G Marketing on behalf of SVP Tucson. While Leslie sold the company in 2018, she still supports SVP’s internal and Investee communications on a variety of levels.

With over 40 years of business and creative marketing experience, Leslie has crafted hundreds of award-winning campaigns for local, regional and national clients, across all types of media platforms. She has built brands from the ground up and helped numerous organizations to clarify and hone their core massaging for maximum effect and efficiency.

Leslie was a founding partner in Medical Referral Source, a start-up in the software for service arena, which her agency built and sold to Advisory Board, a large international medial consulting group, in only three years.

Leslie’s long-standing reputation, deep community ties and creative thinking have been helpful in efforts to enhance the SVP Tucson presence, fostering greater brand awareness, membership growth, special program’s and communications support.
Strategic, market-focused and infused with enthusiasm, we are happy to have her in our corner.