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Welcome SVP Corporate Partner- Tucson Electric Power

Posted by tucson

SVP Tucson is excited and honored to welcome Tucson Electric Power (TEP) into its family as its newest Corporate Partner and Fast Pitch Sponsor. We asked TEP to answer a few questions about how and why it gives, and how our nonprofit community can access its grant and support opportunities.

  1. What is TEP’s philanthropy philosophy?

TEP is committed to enhancing the communities we serve by investing in strategic philanthropy. Our corporate giving is focused in three areas: the environment, education, and community engagement. For 2015 our community engagement is centered around safety/supporting first responders, veterans, and increasing the capacity of our nonprofit partners. That is why our commitment to SVP is so strong – we know they assist us in helping strengthening organizations who make our communities better.

  1. How does the community access your giving opportunities?

We like to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships so communication is essential. Our website at TEP.com/community is the best portal to find out about grant opportunities through our annual Grants That Make a Difference; submit requests for funding/sponsorships, volunteers, and in-kind services; and see what meets our funding criteria. We also have the community@tep.com mailbox where people can ask questions. We want to be transparent about our funding opportunities and accessible to the community.

  1. How does TEP encourage employees to give back to the community?

Nearly every month our employees volunteer hundreds of hours in the community, from Boards to packing food boxes to planting trees – volunteerism is part of our culture. Twice a month employees get an e-mail with volunteer opportunities, and there are monthly posters around our facilities. Every April for volunteer month we have a big recognition event to thank our employees and their families for all they give back. We track volunteer hours and have a Community Action Team that reviews requests and determines what events and activities to support. It’s not unusual to have our CEO Dave Hutchens or any other person from senior management at a volunteer event – they lead by example.

  1. What most excites you and your organization about becoming SVP Tucson Partners and Fast Pitch sponsors?

We LOVE the mission of SVP and strongly support efforts that are strategic and collaborative. SVP is an incredible opportunity for any nonprofit or philanthropist/funder to better understand the needs in our community (and there are MANY) and how we can work together to solve problems and not support unnecessary duplication of efforts. SVP and Fast Pitch provide very specific tools and resources that connect the skills of local professionals with the ones who need it; where sharing of innovation goes both ways between public and private partners.

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