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TEP brings POWER to the PEOPLE…in more ways than one

Posted by tucson

Tucson Electric Power is a household name in Tucson for good reason. TEP provides our community with safe, reliable and affordable power from resources that include a growing renewable energy portfolio. The company is on track to provide more than 28 percent of its power from wind and solar resources by 2021, more than double the state mandate. They recognize that change needs to happen in order to continue to support our community. By 2030, TEP’s renewable energy resources will produce enough energy to serve every home in Tucson. The company also provides programs and services that help customers save energy, save money and improve their own sustainability with power from TEP’s local solar arrays.
Powering the city is not just about electricity, it’s about the ability to spark action and transformation about the causes that matter. Tucson Electric Power encourages community improvement and service from their employees. Wendy Erica Werden, TEP Manager of Community Investment and Philanthropy, says “TEP is committed to improving the quality of life in our community through philanthropic giving, volunteer service and in-kind support. Our contributions are focused primarily on providing community assistance, expanding educational opportunities and protecting our environment. We donated nearly $1.8 million to local nonprofit groups in 2018 while providing support to volunteers who contributed more than 19,000 hours to the causes closest to their hearts.” Setting the example for their employees, TEP’s corporate donations are helping Tucson to shine a little brighter.
SVP Tucson is grateful to Tucson Electric Power for believing in our Fast Pitch program right from the beginning! TEP Sponsors the “Power to the People” Award at the Fast Pitch event. This $5,000 award is decided by the Fast Pitch audience. Using a text-to-vote campaign, Fast Pitch attendees select one of the nonprofit presenters to win this coveted award. Wendy Erica believes that “TEP’s investment in SVP pays dividends for our community by expanding the capacity of the nonprofit groups SVP serves. Its Fast Pitch program helps local charities of any size improve their access to funding and other support. SVP connects organizations with a team of experts to help strengthen their communication skills, build their board, and make them more robust and effective.”