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Modeled on traditional venture capital funding competitions, a Fast Pitch approach helps organizations define their impact, powerfully communicate their vision and awareness and raise more funds as a result. Social Venture Partners Tucson is thrilled to be in the midst of our fourth Fast Pitch program, culminating in the Fast Pitch Event on November 7, 2019 at the Leo Rich Theater in the Tucson Convention Center. 

Application Process:

  • Between June 10 and July 12 apply through our online application. Applications are now closed.
  • The Fast Pitch application is a series of narrative questions that build upon one another. It is unique and creative focusing on a conversation with a imaginary major philanthropist, Phil Anthropy.
  • On or by August 27th, the SVP Selection Committee will select 15 semi-finalists based on formalized selection criteria. All applicants will be notified on or by August 29, 2019.


  • Each of 15 semi-finalists or program participants are paired with two mentors who support them throughout the program by providing feedback, coaching and council.
  • Between September and November, semi-finalists participate in events including a pitch workshop that help them create and hone to their “pitch.”
    • The first event is a Meet & Greet where semi-finalists meet their mentors and cultivate their working relationship. The full SVP partnership and all Fast Pitch Sponsors are invited to a culminating cocktail hour at the close of this event and program participants deliver their “first assignment.”
    • Next comes the Pitch Workshop, a half day workshop attended by all participants and mentors sharing specific elements and strategies to create a successful “pitch. This workshop is presented by Ashley Bright of Ashley Bright Presents. Ashley works closely with the SVP Mentor Team to create a tailored workshop that meets participant and mentor needs.
    • Three formal Practice Sessions follow and at each, semi-finalists give their pitch to other program participants and mentors as well as a Practice Judges panel. Practice Judges are 3-4 specialized individuals who provide on the spot feedback about pitch elements, highlighting and critiquing each program participant.  These sessions are filmed for participant and mentor reviewing.
    • At the close of the third and final practice session, semi-finalists stay for a Participant Celebratory Lunch. 
    • Following the third practice session, SVP partners select seven of the fifteen semi-finalists to become finalists.
      • These seven program participants then prepare for the big show.
      •  All fifteen  semi-finalists will receive a video of their third practice session pitch that has been professionally packaged for use within their organization. SVP will also provide a “menu” of ideas on how to use Fast Pitch videos effectively.


  • Once selected, seven finalists prepare to present at the event and compete for cash grants and prizes.
  • Finalists are required to attend a Dress Rehearsal one week prior to the event.

Fast Pitch Event:

  • High energy celebration and showcase of the nonprofit sector with a guest speaker
  • 7 finalists will deliver their pitch in front of an audience of over 500 people.  Awards will be given at the end from sponsors and SVP.

Selection Criteria

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