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Fast Pitch inspires and engages all of Tucson in the process of creating positive change. Philanthropy is a vehicle to create change and we know that nonprofits are creating solutions to our most critical needs. Together, we are building a future where our nonprofit communities are resilient, have resources to thrive, and are strengthened by the power of relationships.

The Fast Pitch Program is a tried and true method of cultivating donor relations and increasing nonprofit exposure, while training emerging nonprofit leaders on how to share their organization’s mission, model, results, and their “ask.” Throughout the program, nonprofit leaders hone their ideas and improve their fundraising and messaging skills through structured learning sessions, practice clinics, and mentorship.


2020 changed our world forever. We took time to listen, learn, and to reimagine Fast Pitch to meet the real time needs of our community.

Fast Pitch 2021 will catalyze resources, relationships, awareness, and capacity for the organizations that are poised to have significant impact in Southern Arizona. We acknowledge that growth requires change, and we are committed to transformation.

Fast Pitch 2021 targeted nonprofits that:

  • Support people who are experiencing educational, financial, or health (mental or physical) adversity as a result of COVID19
  • Serve historically marginalized, under-served or under-resourced communities or populations
  • Actively work to promote social justice, including racial and gender justice

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As a bridge between nonprofits and philanthropy, we use our influence to facilitate deep and meaningful connections. We know that relationships inspire individuals, catalyze community change, and create robust, resilient ecosystems.
Fast Pitch 2021 will build powerful lasting relationships. We are increasing donor connections, providing more opportunities for nonprofits to collaborate, and strengthening the mentorship program so that our nonprofit community can thrive!


Our community is full of incredible resources to help nonprofits thrive. During this time, we are doubling down on our commitment to getting resources into the hands of nonprofits. Fast Pitch 2021 features an expanded training program, increased grants delivered on-stage, and a generous matching gift to incentivize community donations.


We know that nonprofits play a vital role in building healthy communities and provide critical services to our most vulnerable populations. We are committed to partnering with nonprofits to address their needs, now and in the future. Together we can build a stronger, more resilient Tucson.

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