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Meet our New Investee | Higher Ground

Posted by tucson

We are thrilled to announce our newest investee, Higher Ground Resource Center! Higher Ground is a nonprofit working to transform the lives of the youth in our community.  Higher Ground builds long-term relationships and bridges all the gaps in students’ lives including academic, physical, emotional, social and spiritual. They accomplish this by performing individual assessments to see how to best address the needs of each child and become the child’s community and lifelong resource. This unique approach has already seen much success. Now Social Venture Partners will further leverage their impact through their 86 partners providing the knowledge, skills, and funds to grow the organization where it needs it most.

Reaching more individuals and families is imperative with our community’s high crime rates and lagging academic achievement. SVP and Higher Ground are ready to join forces to tackle some of our community’s most entrenched issues by investing in our youth. “SVP provides us with the wisdom to create a strategy that will allow Higher Ground to thrive on to the next generation” said Jansen Azarias, Founder and Executive Director of Higher Ground.



  1. Karen Tullgren

    Yeah for Social Venture Partners and Higher Ground!!! Together so much more will be achieved. 🙂 🙂

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