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Get Your 10 Year Impact Report Here

Posted by tucson

After months of hard work from the Eller College of Management team and months of crafting the stories of our investees, we are ready, and very excited, to share the 10 year impact report with you.

Click HERE–> SVPImpactReport

The goal of this report is to share all SVP Tucson has accomplished since its founding in 2006. In these 10 years we have invested over $687,000 and 20,000 hours in Tucson nonprofits, that’s $2,000,000 in impact! If you’re ready to learn about the organizations SVP has had the pleasure of working with and where they are today thanks to the SVP partnership, we invite you to read the impact report.

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  1. Richard White

    SVP’s 10 Year Impact Report beautifully presents what the organization has achieved. I am impressed seeing the outstanding, measurable results of your efforts to strengthen many dedicated agencies.

    As a retired non-profit CEO, I am especially appreciative of your efforts to build and strengthen agencies’ infrastructure in addition to helping them expand their service delivery systems. I have great admiration for your success showing SVP’s partners the critical importance for an organization to have a strong, properly funded infrastructure.

    Kudos to all of you for strengthening and expanding a segment of our local network of service providers who are demonstrating how well they are using the invaluable resources SVP has provided.

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