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Connect Philanthropists

We have more to give. Together. 

The individuals who join SVP want to leave their mark on the world, to take their giving to a new level. Through SVP you can…


Pool and Stretch Your Dollars

In a sluggish economy funding for nonprofits shrinks as demand for their services expands. Now, more than ever, it’s important to maximize your gifts.

Since  2008, SVP has helped individuals make smart and leveraged investments in vetted organizations. Over the years, SVP Partners have collectively given hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash grants  to Toronto nonprofits – far more than most could give alone. And that money was stretched farther by the over thousands of volunteer hours given by SVP Partners.

These numbers multiply when looking across SVP’s international network. Since SVP’s inception, Partners in 30 different cities have collectively given more than $49 million and countless volunteer hours.

*The value was calculated using a uniform rate of $100 per hour. Although market rates vary according to type of project, SVP chose a single rate at the low end of the range ($75–$150) to maximize ease and reliability of data collected.


Invest in Vetted Nonprofits

There are thousands of nonprofits. How do you decide which ones to fund?

At SVP you don’t have to make that decision on your own. Whether or not you participate directly, you benefit from the careful selection and reviews carried out by SVP investment committees – ensuring that your money is wisely invested.

Each year, the SVP Partners on the investment committee gather for a few hours a week over six months to select the organizations that SVP will fund. These committees are looking for nonprofits that are having a great impact in our community, and are poised to take their work to the next level. On this investment committee Partners:

  • Learn about the area they are funding (e.g. youth) and about good grantmaking practices
  • Collectively review letters of inquiry and proposals, debating the merits of each organization
  • Visit those organizations, meeting staff and board members, and witnessing their work first-hand
  • Select one or two organizations to fund

Partners consistently say that participating on a investment committee is one of the most rewarding experiences at SVP, and some continue on to oversee our entire portfolio of investees.


Engage in Shared Learning

Should I make a few large donations, or lots of small ones? Where can I find nonprofits that are focused on the issues I care about? How do I align my giving with my values?

These are just a few of the questions that SVP Partners bring to the table, and through a series of seminars, discussion groups, workshops, and one-to-one meetings SVP helps tackle them. Our goal? Partners connect with people who share their passion and walk away with the tools they need to make the greatest impact with their giving.


Volunteer Your Time and Talent

How do you want to approach philanthropy? If you’re reading this, it probably means you want to do more than give money.  You want to roll up your sleeves and dig in. And you’re not alone.

Hundreds of SVP Partners throughout our international network are working shoulder to shoulder with nonprofits and each other to achieve the change they want to see in their communities.

Our Partners:

  • Strengthen local nonprofits by volunteering their unique professional skills
  • Shape SVP by participating on our internal teams