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Unity Charity

UNITY Charity engages and empowers youth to be role models and leaders in their communities. UNITY engages youth 10 to 18 by implementing school and community programs helping youth positively express their stress and develop skills for success. UNITY empowers youth to make better choices as leaders, mentors and positive community role models leading to more productive citizens, safer schools, and healthier communities.

Total Giving: $45,000

Executive Director: Mike Prosserman
SVP Lead Partner: Daniel Olsen and Edward Kuk

The SVP team and UNITY Charity hit the ground running in the new year. During the first five months of the partnership, SVP and UNITY embarked on six work streams including a national expansion strategy, board governance, fundraising communications, after-school program evaluation metrics, refinement of service program materials fees, and human resources. Several have already been completed:

  • National Expansion: Partners Franklin Garrigues, Amy Baryshnik and Edward Kuk successful worked with UNITY to develop a clearly defined strategy to articulate and guide the organization’s national expansion program as they open new hubs across the country. This stream has already been used to create a national sponsorship package.
  • Board Governance: Partners Lyn McDonell and Danielle Olsen completed a board governance audit and workshop on best practices for board members. This workstream created tangible recommendations to strengthen UNITY’s board governance and expand into a working board with committee and fundraising obligations.
  • Fundraising/Communications: Harry Berholz and Samiksha Khanna partnered with UNITY in February to finalize a new pricing model and marketing materials for its fee-based school services. When launched, the new pricing model will help complement UNITY’s sales efforts.
  • Metrics/HR/Marketing: Partners Ken Goldberg, Steve White, Stephen Brown and Lisa Smecca continue to support UNITY to capture evaluation metrics, develop a direct mail strategy and evolve new HR policies to better understand and communicate UNITY’s impact and raise additional funds for its programming.