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SVP International

Jason Chen

Jason leads the growth, data, strategy and finance teams at LotusFlare, a growth and marketing platform provider.  Prior to his transition to tech, Jason received his MBA from The Wharton School and worked as a private equity analyst/portfolio manager at Periscope Capital.

Jason got involved with philanthropy to help improve the quality, accessibility, and cost of education for everyone. Through SVP, he hopes to use the skillsets he’s built over the years to help move education and non-profits forward throughout the Toronto community. So far, his favourite experience with SVP has been the opportunity to work with such a diverse set of NPOs over the years (i.e. Raising the Roof, Art Starts, and Visions of Science). Jason brings a deep knowledge of investments, growth, marketing, and data analytics to the SVP team.

In his spare time, he enjoys sailing, hiking, diving, long-distance running, and reading. Recently, Jason went to Everest Base Camp and highly recommends it!