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Art Starts

Art Starts inspires and cultivates social change by bringing professional artists and Toronto residents together to create community-building art projects in all artistic disciplines.

Founded in 1992, Art Starts was born out of the desire of four socially conscious artists to make art with their communities as a way of quelling tensions in their Eglinton/Oakwood neighbourhood. To facilitate that, they opened a storefront studio and named it the Art Starts Neighbourhood Cultural Centre. Through multilingual theatre projects, music workshops, performances and public art projects, a culture of mutual understanding and respect began to develop amongst the residents of the neighbourhood. A shared sense of purpose was born and Art Starts became a catalyst and proven model for arts-based community development in Toronto. In recent years Art Starts has grown to become a community arts organization in residence in four Toronto neighbourhoods: Eglinton/Oakwood, Glendower, Villaways & Lawrence Heights.

For more information visit https://artstartsto.com/.