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SVP’s Principles in Action – Course Curriculum

Every organization is guided by a particular set of values or principles, whether or not they are deliberately chosen and well-articulated. This course, designed for people who are new to SVP, uses storytelling and activities to illuminate SVP’s shared principles, and invites participants to explore the intersection between their personal values and SVP’s principles. The course is designs so that other organizations can easily swap in their values or principles and make it relevant for their new donors, volunteers or members.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will:

  1. Examine how SVP’s principles and behaviors align with their personal values
  2. Compare and contrast personal experiences with cultural norms and the cultural norms of SVP
  3. Connect with like-minded people who share a commitment to improving their community
  4. Explore scenarios that highlight how SVP’s culture and shared values drive our actions

Access the course materials in the Resources section below. Visit the curriculum main page to see the other courses currently available.