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The nonprofits we support are changing lives.

They’re protecting our most precious natural resources, and helping to ensure that all kids get a fair shot at a success.  SVP’s job?  To help them serve more kids, provide more effective programs, and make an even greater impact by remembering one simple rule…

Stronger nonprofits deliver better results.

Seems obvious, right?  You’d be surprised how often the health of a nonprofit gets overlooked.  Things like sound financial systems and up-to-date technology are not the stuff rallying cries are made of, but they can mean the difference between reaching 200 and 2,000 students in need. That’s why we do what we do.

Since 1997, SVP Partners have given more than $16 million and 35k volunteer hours to 100 local nonprofits. And this number multiplies when looking across SVP’s international network. Partners in 40 cities have collectively given more than $70 million and countless volunteer hours to more than 900 nonprofits. 

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