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To create just and sustainable communities, SVP has to do more than work with individual philanthropists and nonprofits. 

That’s why we invest in collaborative solutions — getting smarter, more connected, and more aligned.  Through our Collective Action Teams and the Statewide Capacity Collaborative, SVP is exploring new ways to fund, facilitate and participate in aligned efforts for greater community impact.

Investing in Education

SVP is working to propel collaborative community efforts relating to cradle-to-career education. Specifically, through our Education Collective Action Team, we provide funding and support to organizations leading and engaged in collective action initiatives, such as the Road Map Project.

Investing in the Environment and Equity

Through our Environment Collective Action Team, SVP provides funding and support to environmental organizations working at the intersection of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity and equitable development.  These organizations engage diverse community stakeholders, particularly around issues of transit.

The Environment CAT also participates in the Sustainable Communities Funders collaborative, which is comprised of foundations and government agencies striving to build communities of opportunities. Collaborating with other foundations, we are able to leverage SVP’s unique resources and work to build a common agenda around transit-oriented communities.

Joining Forces to Strengthen Nonprofits Across the State

Since 2010, SVP has co-convened and participated in the Statewide Capacity Collaborative (SCC), which serves as a hub for a core group of grantmakers in Washington to align, collaborate and strategize on how best to strengthen and support the capacity of nonprofits and the statewide nonprofit system as a whole.

The SCC’s ultimate vision is a healthy and resilient nonprofit sector where individual nonprofits thrive, communities work collectively to address their needs, and the sector is seen as a force for change. To date the SCC has invested millions of dollars in aligned priority areas and through their pooled fund. Learn more >>

The SCC includes ten funders: Ballmer Group Philanthropy, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Campion Foundation, Cedarmere FoundationMedina FoundationSatterberg FoundationThe Seattle Foundation, Sherwood Trust, The Empire Health Foundation, and SVP.

Want to Get Involved?

If you are an SVP Partner interested in joining the Education or Environment Collective Action Team, or if you would like more information about these teams or the SCC, please contact Mike Quinn.

Photo by Lisa Merrill on site with SVP Investee Denise Louie Education Center.

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