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Peer Learning Opportunities

SVP provides a variety of ways for SVP Partners and community members to learn from each other and from experts in relevant fields. Check out the opportunities below and please feel free to contact our staff to learn more.

Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship

SVP’s Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship inspires philanthropists and advances their ability to be effective and strategic funders for the environment. Each year, 8-12 Fellows are chosen and over the course of 3 months they delve deeply into environmental issues, develop a theory of change for their philanthropy, and make a personal grant of $10,000 or more. If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Lynn Coriano or Janna Rolland.

Collective Action Teams

SVP has two Collective Action Teams, one focused on the environment and the other on education.  These groups invest in efforts that align key players in early learning, education, and the environment. If you’re interested, please contact Sally Gillis.

Grant Committees

SVP Grant Committees meet regularly throughout the grant cycle (September-June).  Meetings range from discussions with panels of experts on early learning, education, youth development or the environment, to site visits with potential Investees, to conversations regarding SVP’s funding model.  If you’re interested, please contact Ben Mitchell.

Portfolio Grant Committee

The Portfolio Grant Committee oversees our ongoing funding relationships with all of our Investees.  They meet from September-June, sometimes with our Investees to discuss progress on annual work plans, and sometimes on their own to discuss ways to increase our impact with our Investees.  If you’re interested, please contact Mike Quinn.

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