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SVP International

With more than 3,200 Partners from Boston to Bangalore, SVP is the world’s largest network of engaged donors. 

In Seattle we have 500 Partners. They range from filmmakers to financial managers, from nonprofit leaders to corporate veterans, and from foundation executives to people just beginning to explore their giving potential.

If you want to make a difference – and a bigger difference then you could alone – you’ll want to meet these folks.

Kevin Phaup volunteers his time and expertise to find technology solutions for resource-strapped nonprofits. Lisa Merrill and Lisa Bontje help nonprofits tell their story through compelling photography. Rogers Weed aligned business leaders behind green energy solutions.  And the list goes on.

Every story is different, but each is fueled by a series of connections.  That’s the beauty of the SVP network.  You never know who will take your impact to the next level.

Check out some of our Partners’ stories below and meet a few friends of SVP as well.

How It All Started

It was 1994, and Paul Brainerd was out of a job. He had just sold his software company, Aldus Corporation to Adobe. PageMaker, the desktop publishing program his company created, had revolutionized printing and publishing – and left him an unexpected millionaire.

At 47, early retirement might have looked attractive to some, but Paul had other ideas.

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There is Always Something to Give

“My parents taught us that it didn’t matter how much we didn’t have,” says SVP San Antonio Partner, Priscilla Hill-Ardoin. “That our focus should be on what we did have, and there was always something to give.” That generosity helped to carry Priscilla through the hardest time in her life and to the discovery of her “can’t not do.”

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Building Capacity Builders, Part 3: The Philanthropist

Up until five years ago, Tanya Anderson’s definition of ‘philanthropy’ was straight forward: to give money. It might have been her career in finance that had something to do with it. After working with the Finance Community of Practice, though, developing an assessment that greatly simplifies financial management for SVP Investees, she had a change of heart.

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More than a website: SVP Partners help tell Team Read's story

“I wanted to do something that was really using my talents,” says SVP Partner Sandra Andrews. “And I literally raised my hand and said ‘is there a project I can be part of?’ And this one came up that was a really great fit.” Hear how Sandra and Team Read Executive Director Maureen Massey leveraged SVP to help tell Team Read’s story through the web.

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Keeping Great Crew on Board: SVP Partner Lends her Skills to Summer Search

A few years ago, Summer Search was struggling with staff retention and they were concerned about the impact it was having on the students they serve. Mentorship is core to their program and turnover interrupted the relationships between students and staff, not to mention the general productivity loss associated with churn. They wanted to change this and reached out to SVP for help. Two years later, they are still reaping the benefits of a single volunteer project.

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North Star found: SVP Partner brings strategic planning skills to Northwest SEED

“I just feel like we have the North Star we’ve been needing and we’re moving together in concert,” says Northwest SEED Executive Director Jennifer Grove. In this short video, Jennifer shares how SVP Partner Tim Schottman guided her organization through strategic planning, turning the overflowing number of opportunities at their fingertips into attainable goals.

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Speaking transit: SVP Partner brings White House marketing savvy to TCC

"She approached the problem like she was handling an Obama administration issue,” says Transportation Choices Coalition Executive Director, Shefali Ranganathan. “It was the same level of commitment.” Shefali is referring to SVP Partner, Racquel Russell who volunteered to help TCC hone their communications. Hear about their work together in this short video!

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What’s Democracy Got to Do with It?

David Bangs was all-in on the environment. His experience on SVP’s grant committee inspired more than a decade of giving and angel investing. Then in 2013, David joined the first cohort of SVP's Northwest Conservation Philanthropy Fellows to deepen his impact. What he discovered next surprised him.

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SVP Partners Make Waves Locally and Across the Country

One of the fun parts of working at SVP is hearing about all the great stuff our Partners are doing out in the community. Here is just a sprinkling of news from five of our Partners, starting with Cikeithia Pugh who received a SOAR Community Achievement Award for her contributions to early childhood literacy!

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Lisa Lisa & College Jam

Okay, I’m totally dating myself (and subjecting you to bad puns), but I can’t help it. Whenever Lisa Bontje and Lisa Merrill are on a photo shoot, Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam just pops into my head! And while SOME of you might debate the brilliance of 80’s gems like “Lost in Emotion” and “Head to Toe,” you simply cannot miss the vibrancy of the students captured by Lisa and Lisa in a photo shoot with College Access Now!

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Out of the Tunnel

“Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised,” says John O’Halloran. “But I was.”

John drove by Bailey Gatzert Elementary for decades. He worked for the Aldus Corporation, which had offices on the Seattle waterfront. His commute took him down Yesler Way, but in those days it was like driving in a tunnel – he was so focused on work.

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Fast Pitch Seattle Founder Will Poole Honored by the Microsoft Alumni Foundation

SVP Partner and Fast Pitch Seattle founder Will Poole was nominated as a 2013 Integral Fellow by the Microsoft Alumni Foundation. Named among the finalists, Will was honored for his work on Fast Pitch, leveraging the concept from its nonprofit origins in Los Angeles and adding two new innovations: a youth track and a “for-profit” track.

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Tackling Poverty with Solar Lights: SVP Partner Peter Bladin

After retiring from Microsoft, I wanted to combat abject poverty in the developing world but had not figured out how. In 2001, I listened to Muhammad Yunus announce the creation of the Grameen Technology Center. I was impressed by his resolve, his passion, and his approach of building social businesses focused on maximizing social impact.

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SVP Partners Rack Up Awards

SVP Partners are a busy bunch! Over the last few months, eight current and former Partners were nominated for or received awards and recognition.

Will Poole, Ida Cole, Suzi LeVine, Peter Bladin, and Mary Pembroke were nominated for the Microsoft Alumni Foundation’s Integral Fellows awards -- two of whom are finalists!

Savitha Reddy Pathi and Deidre McCormack Martin were listed among the Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40, and SVP Minnesota Partner, Jeff Tollefson was recognized as a White House Champion of Change!

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White House Recognizes Twin Cities SVP Partner as a “Champion of Change”

It's exciting and rewarding to see one of our SVP Partners recognized for the substantial impact they have in our communities. Jeff Tollefson, Executive Director of Genesys Works, was honored as a "Champion of Change" for his extraordinary work helping students break out of the poverty cycle.

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Mike Cadigan Uses His Skills for Good

Mike Cadigan and his wife Kathy frequently gave to their church, but with three children and business to run, there was little time to volunteer, let alone figure out a strategic giving plan. Then about three years ago, Mike decided to step back from the day-to-day operations of his company and try something different.

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Book Love Starts a Mobile Reading Revolution in Africa

I can see it in Mery’s eyes. She’s hooked. There’s no going back now. The 11-year-old student from Arusha, Tanzania region has found a book she loves, and we’re both pretty sure it will shape her future. She read the World Atlas, one of hundreds of books she’s discovering on her Kindle.

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Behind the Lens at Denise Louie

"If you see a gun, don't touch it, even to throw it in the garbage. Run and tell an adult in your house. It's their job to keep you safe."

Looking through my camera at the circle of rapt 4-year-olds at Denise Louie Education Center, I realized yet again how much we ask of our preschools.

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Seattle Times Says Dawn Trudeau Has Never Stopped Learning

Thirty-six years ago, Storm owner Dawn Trudeau left Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with two suitcases and $200 to pursue an education she never received. She had a solid plan, except for one problem. She excelled at work. Read Dawn’s story in the Seattle Times and MORE Magazine.

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SVP Partner Recognized as a "Champion of Change"

Nicole Trimble, SVP Partner and Director of Corporate Responsibility at Coinstar, Inc., was recently honored by the White House for being a "Champion of Change." This program was created in order to honor ordinary Americans who are doing great work in their communities

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Giving Back: 12,000 Hours and Counting

After leaving Microsoft in 2000, I knew I wasn't ready to retire and I wanted to find meaningful work that gave me satisfaction. Given how fortunate I was for having worked at Microsoft, I was looking for the right opportunity that would allow me to give back to the community.

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Changing the Status Quo

In January 2005, my son William was born 10 weeks prematurely and suffered a pulmonary hemorrhage on day two of his life. He came home after two months having had two brain surgeries to implant a shunt to treat the brain condition he developed from his traumatic birth.

Hydrocephalus is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain that can cause severe brain damage or death if not treated immediately. The shunt has the highest failure rate of any medically implanted device – 50% fail within the first two years. At nine months of age, William had a prolonged seizure and his first shunt failure. He nearly died coming out of surgery but was saved by the great staff at Seattle Children’s.

My wife and I set out to understand the treatments, outcomes and state of research for this horrific condition that lead to annual emergency brain surgeries for our son.

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SVP Partners Recognized for Extraordinary Leadership in Philanthropy

Each year the Microsoft Alumni Foundation recognizes Microsoft alumni who dedicate their time, talent, and resources to help address local, national, or global challenges. Can you guess how many of this year’s nominees are connected to SVP?

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Rogers Weed: Commerce Chief, Volunteer Consultant, Green Business Leader

On March 10, 2009 Governor Chris Gregoire introduced Rogers Weed as the head of Washington State’s Department of Commerce. "I want Rogers to wake up every morning with a laser focus on keeping the companies and jobs we have, and bringing new jobs and companies to our state,” Gregoire said. From what we know of Rogers, he’s definitely up to the task.

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Tricia McKay: Social Services Champion, Visionary, Master Collaborator

Imagine you are traveling through the hills outside of Oaxaca. Rugged mountain vistas, multicolored buildings peppering a hillside, ancient ruins under a bright blue sky. What would be on you mind? Banking options perhaps? If you’re Tricia McKay, that’s exactly what you’re thinking about.

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Dawn Trudeau: Storm Co-Owner, Civic Leader, Women’s Sports Supporter

I never thought I would interview someone like Dawn Trudeau, or have so much fun chatting about basketball. Growing up I was much happier at the ballet barre than on the PE field, so when my friends invited me to go see the Seattle Storm, I was lukewarm at best. But I packed up my scraps of basketball knowledge (the ball goes through the hoop, right?), a book to pass the time if I got bored, and headed down to Key Arena.

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Kevin Phaup: Database Maven, Volunteer Extraordinaire, Jefferson Nominee

For the past decade, Kevin Phaup has dedicated his time and unique skills to local nonprofits. This year, Explorations in Math (EIM) nominated Kevin for a Jefferson Award for public service. Executive director, Stephanie Cherrington says it best in EIM’s nomination letter.

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Tim Crosby: Regional Food Expert, X Prize Catalyst...?

That Monday was particularly frantic. School bags were still unpacked, we were running late, and we hadn’t yet nailed down that week’s lunch schedule. Scrambling eggs with one hand, I looked over the school’s menu, and asked Carolyn what she wanted to eat. No answer. I looked over my shoulder and saw tears in Carolyn’s eyes. “Don’t make me eat that food at school, Daddy.” Time out. I knew some things were bad, but THAT bad?

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Core or Chore? Carol Ryan on Volunteerism

I was surprised when, upon the invitation to write about the emotional rewards of volunteering, no one moment stood out in my mind. It made me ask myself, why do I volunteer?

The volunteer aspect was a big reason I joined SVP 10 years ago. I was a journalist then, so a natural fit for me was to write articles for the newsletter. I remember interviewing SVP partner Molly Hanlon about why she volunteers. I still think about her response: “It’s how I was raised. It’s just something you do. Sleep, eat, work, go to the gym, volunteer.”

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Meet some of SVP Seattle’s Partners!


Aaron Clark

Aaron Clark is an environmental scientist with experience conducting, communicating and applying scientific research for the support of healthy, functioning ecosystems. Read More »

Ada Williams Prince

Ada Williams Prince was selected as one of SVP's 2012 Brainerd Fellows and has been on the kindergarten readiness committee and is on the Portfolio Grant Committee. Read More »

Alex Kochis

Alex is the founder and a senior consultant at FiveBy, a Seattle-area based consulting and services firm. Founded in 2010, FiveBy’s twenty-five person strong team provides strategic program management, data management, analytics, and other services to Seattle and Bay Area software and technology companies. Read More »

Alexa Carver

Alexa Carver is a non-profit consultant in Seattle who specializes in strategic planning and board development consulting. She currently sits on three boards of education related non-profits. Alexa has her undergraduate degree from Harvard University and a Masters in Not-for-profit Leadership from Seattle University. Read More »

Amanda and Bruce Roberts

Bruce's current focus is on cybersecurity and data privacy to improve the security of organizations. Amanda has a strong interest in improving educational teaching techniques, particularly for STEM subjects. Read More »

Amy Pak

Amy HyunAh Pak has 20 years creating impact in Seattle through community organizing, mental health counseling with DV/SA certification. Pak consults with local schools and organizations on anti-racist trainings and family engagement.

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Anna Kearfott

Anna has worked at the Microsoft Alumni Network for over two years and has recently taken on a new role as program manager and philanthropy. Read More »

Anna Zheng

Originally from the midwest, Anna Zheng is a UX/UI & Visual Designer, Design Instructor at Flatiron School, writer and artist with a passion for teaching design and combating systemic and institutional barriers. Read More »

Arlene Levy

Arlene Levy is a long term Partner with Social Venture Partners, currently Co-chair of SVP’s Environmental Grant Committee, and past Lead Partner to Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust. She is now serving on the Greenway Trust’s Board & has just been invited to join their Executive Committee. Arlene was part of the 1st Cohort for SVP’s Conservation Philanthropic Fellowship program & continues the projects she began at that time. Read More »

Ashley Mandel

Ashley works as an Account Manager at Forum One, a full-service digital agency for non-profits, foundations and governments, where she works with clients to bring about the change they want to see in the world.

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Bill Skilton

Bill and his family have been in the Pacific Northwest for a little over ten years, which makes him a long timer in some circles and a new comer in others. Prior to arriving in the Seattle area, Bill spent time in New York, Washington D.C., and the Bay Area. Read More »

Bob and Megan Woods

Bob joined SVP Seattle with his wife Megan in 2016 to invest in the Greater Seattle community, including through skills-based volunteering with SVP Investees.  Read More »

Brad Brickman

Brad Brickman is returning to work on his core beliefs from a 40-year career in new ventures and startups. He believes a vibrant economy can only be sustained with equitable social systems and enterprise for people from all walks of life. Brad aspires to increase investment in education, good jobs, and social systems that create healthful outcomes for all communities but in particular for women, people of color, and those who have been historically marginalized. Read More »

Brooke Williams

Brooke is a native Oregonian who has made Seattle her home for over a decade. Brooke and her husband Josh are parents to five-year-old Reed, and they joined SVP in 2014 to increase the impact of their volunteer time and philanthropic giving. She is currently co-chair of the SVP Education Collective Action Team. Read More »

Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones is currently active in several businesses part time, having left full time employment in 2003. Bruce began his career in programming and programming management in 1966. After ten years in data processing (as it was called at the time), he changed careers and joined Trick and Murray, the family office products and printing business in Seattle, eventually becoming its President and majority owner. He sold the business to Corporate Express (CE) in 1992 and developed the Seattle Division as its President until 1994, when he began commuting and working on corporate assignments for CE at its headquarters in Denver, CO. Read More »

Bu Huang

Bu was born and raised in China. She earned a Bachelor's degree from Beijing University before coming to the U.S. to get advanced training. After graduating with a MS in Statistics and a PhD in Sociology, she did Social Science Research in educational settings for about 10 years, and for the past 9 has been an analyst/data scientist in corporate settings. Read More »

C’Ardiss Gardner Gleser

Seattle native, C’Ardiss Gardner Gleser is currently the Director of Programs at Technology Access Foundation. Prior to working in education, C’Ardiss worked at IDX Systems as a Software Engineer for a number of years. Her passion for education and equity lead her away from Corporate America and back to school to pursue her passions. Read More »

Carey Crutcher Smith

Carey joined the senior management team at Lease Crutcher Lewis in 2007 as Director of Marketing which includes brand management, business development, sales strategies, employee programs and support for various strategic initiatives. Lewis is a regional general contractor founded in 1886 and is known for building several landmark projects such as the Sea-Tac Airport, The Four Seasons Hotel, and the Garfield High School renovation. Read More »

Carla Fowler

Carla Fowler is the Founder and Managing Director of THAXA, a boutique consulting firm specializing in the science of human performance. The firm works with leaders who are pursuing ambitious goals in the business and non-profit sectors achieve greater success through brutal focus. Read More »

Carla Moreira Strickland

Carla Moreira Strickland is the Corporate Responsibility Specialist at JPMorgan Chase’s Office of Nonprofit Engagement (ONE),which is dedicated to supporting and engaging nonprofit organizations involved in advocacy, thought leadership and services related to low- to moderate-income communities, communities of color, and people with disabilities.

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Chelsea Schiller

Chelsea is a design researcher and strategist. Her work lives at the intersection of social innovation, data insights, and storytelling. Read More »

Chris Pirie

Originally from the UK, Chris and his wife Debbie spent twelve years in the San Francisco Bay area before moving to Seattle in 2004. Chris has a degree in Literature and Philosophy from Essex University in London, and has worked in the software industry for Oracle and Microsoft with a focus on running workplace Learning, computer based education, and e-Learning business units. Read More »

Chris Rogers

Chris and wife Heidi joined SVP in 2001 to improve the quality of their personal philanthropy and in search of a more effective way to integrate their professional skills with their service interests. Read More »

Christine Chang, Board Secretary

Christine joined Social Venture Partners in 2005, transitioning to the non-profit sector from a career in product management at Microsoft. Christine and her husband Steve Bush live on the Eastside, and both are active volunteers at their daughters’ schools. Read More »

CiKeithia Pugh

CiKeithia Pugh is the Early Literacy Program Manager at The Seattle Public Library. She is responsible for the overall coordination and implementation of the library’s early literacy programs and services. Her current projects include library sponsored Kaleidoscope play & learn groups, story time coordination, publications and materials, and community outreach. Read More »

Claire Taylor & Matt Brannock

Claire joined SVP with her husband Matthew Brannock in 2015 to give back to the community in impactful ways, [...] Read More »

Colby Bircher

Colby is a Vice President and Charitable Planning Consultant at Fidelity Charitable, a public charity that has helped donors support nonprofit organizations with nearly $35 billion in grants since its inception. Read More »

Colin Beazley

Colin is the Sr. Manager of Consulting for Smartsheet, a Bellevue-based collaborative work management software company. Read More »

Connie Mao

Connie Mao is SVP member who is a current faculty member at the University of Washington in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is Director of the Harborview Women's Dysplasia Clinic and focuses her research efforts on prevention of cervical cancer with new screening methods and HPV vaccines. Read More »

Dave Thompson

Dave is, by nature, a “builder”, with a passion for building and working with teams and people to help them achieve their goals and mission. His involvement in SVP is fueled by his own passion for equal opportunity for all and a belief in the power of individuals investing in their community. Read More »

Dave Woolley-Wilson

Dave currently serves on Social Venture Partners' Board of Directors. Dave is active in SVP's commitment to bring equity into the organizational DNA of SVP and serves on the Diversity Cultural Competency and Equity committee. He is a member and past chair of SVP's Environmental Collective Action Team and has served on the Environmental Grant Committee and volunteered in the Fast Pitch competition. He is the Lead Partner for ECOSS - an SVP Investee. Read More »

David Coven

David Coven is a recent grad from the University of Washington, and there he fell in love with education, renewable energy, and doing good for the world.

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David Habib

David Habib is a software consultant who has been focused exclusively on the nonprofit sector since 2000, where he has provided program management and software engineering for database and web based applications for nonprofits. Read More »

Dawn Trudeau

Dawn Trudeau spent over 20 years in the software industry in general management, product development, marketing, and business systems capacities. A former Microsoft Corporation executive she held a variety of leadership positions in her 14 year tenure, heading up divisions in Database and Development tools and Consumer Products. For the past 18 years she has helped emerging non-profits develop their capacity to deliver their programs with maximum effectiveness. Read More »

Debbie Newell, Board Treasurer

Debbie spent her career in IT project management with a focus on energy research, retail and marketing at MPSI, EPRI, and Gap Inc. She has also been very active as board member and treasurer at French American School of Puget Sound (FASPS). She served on SVP's K-12 grant committee in 2014/15 and subsequently became the Lead Partner for Community in Schools Seattle. Read More »

Deidre McCormack Martin

Motivated by a deep commitment to the transformation that happens in the lives of young people who are given new access to opportunity, Deidre has built her career around helping others. Her role in leading Summer Search Seattle is centered in the belief that everyone has something unique to offer the world, and our call is to help one another find it. Read More »

Dirk Van Velzen

Dirk is passionate about prisoner education. While incarcerated himself, through distance education, he graduated in the upper 1% of his class at Penn State, with degrees in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership. Seeing that many others would walk a similar path, Dirk founded the Prison Scholar Fund (PSF) and from behind bars raised $60,000, enough funds to support 110 incarcerated students. Read More »

Emily Anthony

Emily has worked in the non-profit sector for her entire career, in many different capacities. At different organizations she has acted as line staff, administrative staff, consultant, board member, volunteer, fundraiser, and funder. As a result she has seen how non-profits work (or don't!) from many different perspectives. Read More »

Eric Berman

Eric spent many years in senior technology development roles at Expedia, prior to which he was a group program manager at Microsoft for various key products. Since leaving Expedia he has divided his time between MyFlightbook (an online logbook for pilots to track their flying), angel investing in the Cleantech sector, and philanthropy. Read More »

Eric Mattson

Eric Mattson is the CEO of The Finovate Group, a fast-growing conference company focused on innovation in financial technology. He is a proud graduate of the Honors Program at the University of Washington where he earned dual degrees in Business Administration and Mathematics thanks to scholarships from Washington State and Intel. Read More »

Evan Barocas

Evan currently works for Nordstrom where he supports digital media strategy and execution. Previously, he worked for a local Seattle digital marketing agency as the Director of Programmatic Advertising, where he led strategy and client development.

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Fraser Black

Since 1998 Fraser has been an active member of Social Venture Partners Seattle in the following areas: K-12 Grant Committee, Portfolio Grant Committee, Advocacy and Policy Committee, lead partner and project volunteer for Investees, and SVP Board of Directors where he was Chair for two years. Professionally, Fraser is a Managing Partner at Pioneer Square Properties, a real estate property management and development company. Read More »

Frosty & Leslie Gordon

Frosty and Leslie are both recently retired from IBM where they have worked in a variety of executive assignments including product development, information technology services, and strategic planning. They have led organizations across the US as well as international assignments and globally integrated teams. Read More »

Gloris Estrella

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Gloris grew up in the Bronx, where she cultivated a passion for cross-sector collaboration and collective impact. Before moving to Seattle to attend the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance a few years ago, she worked at the Institute of International Education as a program officer for the Foreign Fulbright Department. Read More »

Gregory Whiting

Gregory Whiting is the director of Equity and Inclusion for Food Lifeline.  This non-profit is a food bank that serves all of Western Washington as a policy advocate, bulk supplier of food, and partner for hundreds of smaller local agencies that distribute food to community members. Read More »

Hamdi Abdulle

Hamdi Abdulle (photographed here in Mogadishu, Somalia) is the Executive Director for Somali Youth and Family SeaTac, and Skyway, and South Seattle WA. She is a happily married mother of five, and is also the fifth child among fifteen (10 girls and 5 boys) siblings from one mother. Read More »

Heidi Stolte

Heidi Stolte is a mother, former educator, community volunteer and emerging philanthropist. She and her husband, Chris, have been SVP partners since 2011. Read More »

Hillary Madsen

Hillary Madsen is a staff attorney with the Children & Youth Project at Columbia Legal Services (CLS) where she represents low-income, at-risk, homeless and foster children and youth. Read More »

Ian Morris

Ian and his wife Lisa are originally from the New York area but relocated to the Seattle area in 1995 and have since made it home. Ian served as the President and CEO of Market Leader for more than a decade, establishing the company as the leading provider of software-as-a-service solutions to the real estate industry. Read More »

Ivan Barron

Ivan is a Lecturer and Assistant Director at the University of Washington Foster School Of Business. In this role, he designs and leads management education programs for business entrepreneurs and graduate students. Prior to joining the Foster School, Ivan worked as both a consultant and a director for a variety of national organizations, including the U.S. Congress, IDEO, The National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, College Summit, Harvard Business School, The Pahara-Aspen Institute, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Read More »

Jacob Davis

Jacob is currently a Finance Associate at the Gates Foundation, where he supports programmatic staff in managing projects related to the research, development, and distribution of medicine. Read More »

Jane Harvey

Jane Harvey is an attorney and community advocate, who is energized by community-based efforts at the intersection of equity and the environment. At the Sightline Institute, Jane focuses on democracy reform and served on the policy and legal drafting teams for I-122, the Honest Elections Seattle Initiative. Read More »

Janet Levinger

Janet Levinger is a Social Impact Leader in the Seattle area. Her vision is to create opportunity through engagement, advocacy, and philanthropy. Her focus areas include education, civic engagement, and reproductive rights. Read More »

Jeff Raikes

Jeff Raikes is the former chief executive officer of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he led the foundation’s efforts to promote equity for all people around the world. During his more than five years there, Jeff set strategic priorities, oversaw significant growth of the organization, and facilitated relationships with key partners. In 2011 he was named the Puget Sound Business Journal’s Executive of the Year. Read More »

Jessica and Ken Hooton

Jessica and Ken are joining SVP to further their desire to participate in philanthropic activities in the Seattle area. They've been back in the PNW for 4 years after living across the US. Read More »

Jessie Woolley-Wilson

Throughout her life and career, Jessie Woolley-Wilson has been driven by a singular belief that all children need and deserve high-quality learning opportunities, regardless of who they are or where they live. She believes that by supporting great teaching and learning, everyone wins: kids, families, communities and the world. Jessie has worked in the education technology space for nearly 20 years to support school and district leaders to improve learning and life outcomes for K-12 students. Read More »

Jim McGinley

After being involved in selling an electronic commerce business in Toronto, Jim moved to Seattle in 1999 to start a software company. He eventually stepped down from the CEO role, but is still on the board. Rethinking his purpose in life, Jim decided to focus on intergenerational opportunities where young people inspire and educate older people and vice versa. Read More »

John and Barbara O'Halloran

John and Barb are delighted to return to SVP after a hiatus of a few years. They are eager to give back to the community that has been so supportive to them. John (left) is an entrepreneur with experience in the software industry. He is an avid skier, studies guitar and languages and is currently improving from terrible to just plain bad. Read More »

John Baughn

John Baughn resides in North Seattle and has been involved in several civic and volunteer roles since retiring in 2004 after a 24 year career at Accenture. As a partner there, John had various leadership roles in the consulting and outsourcing practices. Much of his career was spent developing and implementing large enterprise software systems and business capabilities for Fortune 500 clients, primarily in the Communications industry. Read More »

Jon Kauffman

Jon has been a SVP partners since 2005. Jon was a software engineer at Microsoft for more than twenty years, where [...] Read More »

Jordan Goldwarg

Jordan is the Northwest Regional Director of Kids4Peace International, a non-profit organization with a mission of building interfaith communities that embody a culture of peace and empower a movement for change. K4P brings together Muslim, Jewish, and Christian youth in the Jerusalem area and North America for summer camps and year-round programs that focus on interfaith dialogue, cultural exchange, leadership development, and practices of nonviolent social change. Read More »

Kate Donnelly

Kate Donnelly works with clients to understand their goals and objectives; manage their impact investments; and integrate their investment strategy, philanthropy, and estate planning into a cohesive plan. Read More »

Katherine Lebo & Jeremy Van Tassel

Kat and Jeremy met at the University of Puget Sound and have been living together in the Seattle area since graduating. Together, they are inspired by the work of SVP and are very excited to get involved and be part of the community. Read More »

Kathleen Hebert

Kathleen Hebert left her position of Vice President at Microsoft in 2003 to devote her efforts to philanthropic goals. From 2003 to 2013, she contributed to Early Learning initiatives in Washington state and nationally. She was on the board of Talaris Institute for Early Learning as well as a member of Washington State’s Early Learning Action Alliance (ELAA). She worked in various roles as a partner of Social Venture Partners, including serving on grant committees, as a member of the Advocacy and Policy Committee, and as the Lead Partner for Child Care Resources. Since 2014, she has devoted her efforts to environmental issues, serving as a Trustee at The Nature Conservancy and as a 2015 Northwest Conservation Fellow focusing on sustainable cities. Read More »

Kathy O'Driscoll

Kathy O'Driscoll directs PATH's global human resource functions. As PATH continues to grow, her key focus is to implement an organization-wide HR strategy to align management practices and staff development with PATH's core mission and values. Her leadership responsibilities encompass organizational planning and policy, employee relations, employment and compensation, performance management, learning and development, and diversity initiatives. Read More »

Kathy Washienko

Kathy earned her BA at Harvard College and her MPH at the University of Michigan, before working as a public health researcher in HIV prevention at the University of Washington. Read More »

Katie Heinrich & Jim Masson

Katie Heinrich and Jim Masson joined SVP in 2015. Katie’s background is in nonprofits: past roles include Executive Director of the West Seattle Food Bank and Program & Operations Officer at Medina Foundation. Current roles include contract work for groups like Philanthropy Northwest and Mission Investors Exchange, and chief wrangler of their two young sons. Katie holds a BA from Lewis & Clark College and a MBA from University of Washington. Katie is currently part of the EduCAT at SVP. Read More »

Katja Shaye

Katja Shaye joined SVP in 2008 and has served as Lead Partner for SVP investee Team Read since 2013. She sees literacy and English language proficiency as keys to closing opportunity gaps for kids from low-income and refugee families. Ever since Katja taught English at a refugee camp in Thailand in the 90s, she has been committed to supporting refugee resettlement in the US. Read More »

Kelly Huffman

Kelly is an Associate with Point B, Inc. an employee owned, management consulting firm headquartered in Seattle.  Read More »

Kelly Jones

Kelly is an educational advocate with experience as a teacher, researcher, policymaker, and volunteer. She currently works as the Data Officer for Eastside Pathways, a collective impact nonprofit based in her hometown of Bellevue. Read More »

Kevin Proctor

Kevin Proctor has dedicated his career to leadership in healthcare where his passion lies in the promotion of preventive health and creating greater healthcare access for our underserved populations.

Read More »

Laurie Mestres

Laurie is thrilled to be able to say that she is now working for herself as a private yoga teacher! She began her yoga studies in earnest in 2009 and is now making house and office calls to clients throughout the Seattle area. Read More »

Lilliane Ballesteros

Lilliane is the Director of Development and Capacity Building at the Latino Community Fund of Washington State, supporting Latino-led organizations throughout Washington State through leadership development, civic engagement, and access to health care resources. She also serves on the board of Mari’s Place, an arts organization in Snohomish County and is a Next Generation Leadership Fellow through Hispanics in Philanthropy. Read More »

Lisa Wyler

Lisa joined SVP to learn more about Seattle nonprofits, and to connect and give back in a meaningful way. Lisa has significant product, marketing and strategic business development experience. She has worked as a marketing consultant for the past seven years, and previously managed product and marketing teams at American Express, Microsoft and Washington Mutual. Read More »

Lynn Hubbard and David Zapolsky

David is Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary of Amazon.com, overseeing the company’s legal, compliance, and regulatory affairs. David is also a Trustee of the King County Bar Foundation, a Director of the Alliance for Education, and a Director of the Boalt Hall Alumni Association. In years past, he has served on the non-profit boards of Seattle JazzEd, Washington Appleseed, Orchestra Seattle/Seattle Chamber Singers, and The Sharehouse. Read More »

Malachi Williams

Malachi leverages his expertise to uplift millions with the power of higher education with his non-profit, Scholarship Junkies. Read More »

Maria Zepeda Flores

Maria is currently a student at the Evans School of Public Policy and Governance as a Nancy Bell Evans Fellow, focusing on Social Policy and Nonprofit Management.

Read More »

Marjorie Singer

Marjorie has served as in-house counsel for non-profit organizations in New York City, including the Vera Institute of Justice, MDRC (social policy research), and John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Read More »

Mary Lynne Poole

Mary Lynne Poole aims to give back to her community by providing technical and artistic services that otherwise could not be afforded. As a Database Specialist, Mary Lynne has been sole proprietor of MLP Consulting since 1983. She is also an artist and has made five large public art pieces in reception spaces of non-profits. Read More »

Matt Shaw

Matt became an SVP Partner in 2002 in an effort to find a more highly leveraged channel for his community work and has had the opportunity to be involved in many facets of the organization over time. He's currently working with the People Effectiveness community of practice and hopes that many of you will consider joining in this group's work! Read More »

Michael Nguyen

Michael is the Recruitment and Retention Coordinator for the Seattle Teacher Residency, a graduate-level teacher preparation program focused on developing a diverse pipeline of teachers specifically for Seattle Public Schools. He oversees admissions, recruitment, alumni relations, and community partnerships. Read More »

Mike Cadigan

Mike Cadigan is a principal and co-founder of the CMBIgroup, a private firm that invests in middle-market operating companies located in the Pacific Northwest. CMBIgroup also provides management services to portfolio companies as well as other middle-market companies. Prior to forming the CMBIgroup in 1994, Mike was an Asset Manager for Colony Capital where he performed acquisition, disposition, and restructuring activities. Read More »

Natasha Rivers

Natasha Rivers is the district demographer for Seattle Public Schools (SPS) in the Enrollment Planning Department. In this role, she provides research and data analysis on the evolving city and the impact on schools in neighborhoods across the district. Read More »

Nathan Young

Nathan Young is a digital marketing expert with a strong advertising background and a sharp hairline. As the founder and Principal at Tencount, a boutique digital strategy agency, Nathan leads a multi-disciplinary team to develop strategies, build out campaigns and drive lead generation for mid-market & enterprise B2B tech companies. Read More »

Nimco Bulale

Nimco joins OneAmerica with extensive experience working with community-based organizations and coalitions that work to strengthen the voices of disenfranchised communities to promote a more just society. Nimco is passionate about closing the achievement gap in education, empowering refugee and immigrant communities, and breaking down the systemic barriers to opportunity. Moreover, Nimco is committed to working to address the root causes of injustice, building power, and creating equitable change in her community. Read More »

Norm Bontje

Norm and his wife Lisa joined SVP over twelve years ago to explore and enhance their philanthropic interests and ideas through SVP's unique model. Norm served on and chaired Early Childhood Grant Committees, serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors, and contributes to SVP's Social Innovation Fast Pitch for-profit investment process. He also serves on the Board of SVP Investee, College Access Now and The Valley School. Read More »

Oliver Babson

Oliver Babson is a Director of Strategy, Planning & Management at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, where he manages strategic planning and business operations for the foundation's Global Policy & Advocacy division. Read More »

Paul Shoemaker

If you’re out to change the world, Paul Shoemaker is there to connect you to the people, ideas, and organizations that matter. Paul is the Founding President of Social Venture Partners International (SVPI) and was the Executive Connector of SVP Seattle for 17 years. With insights from this unique vantage point, he is the Northwest’s leading expert on activating social change agents and a global thought leader on how individuals can be the most effective philanthropists. Read More »

Quentin Orem

Quentin works to invest in Seattle through his role as the Executive Director at the Richard and Maude Ferry [...] Read More »

Racquel Russell

Racquel Russell is the Director of Government Relations and Public Affairs at Zillow, the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration, and knowledge around the place they call home. In her current capacity, Racquel creates key public-private partnerships with government and NGOs at the local, regional and national level. Read More »

Randall Boseman

Randall is a native of New Orleans, LA. He likes to surround himself with good food and music. His hobbies include reading, movies, sports and travelling. He can also be found during the winter months on a snowboard enjoying the slopes. Read More »

Renee Russak

Renee Russak is a community volunteer and a former SVP Seattle partner (1997-2006); happy to be rejoining SVP in pursuit of greater collective impact for lasting social good. In addition to a long-time commitment to community service, Renee worked for nearly 20 years in publishing and as an internet services development executive; most recently at Microsoft and Expedia. Read More »

Robert White

Robert A. White is a 20-year Army veteran that currently serves as the VP of Internal Relations for Minority Veterans of America (MVA), which is dedicated to changing the narrative of the American military veteran.

Read More »

Rohan Chandra

Rohan recently graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Science and Anthropology. He is currently a Software Development Engineer working for Amazon Alexa. Before that, he worked at Google.org, YouTube, and PayPal. Read More »

Ron Tanemura

Ron is a retired Partner and former Advisor Director for Goldman, Sachs & Co. He was also a Managing Director at Salomon Brothers and Deutsche Bank. During his 20 years in banking he managed a variety of fixed income sales and trading businesses in London, New York and Tokyo. Read More »

Salil Gupte & Nicole Neroulias Gupte

Salil and Nicole are excited to join SVP Seattle’s global network of partners and work together to strengthen our communities. Salil Gupte is vice president and chief risk officer of Boeing Capital Corporation, responsible for arranging, structuring and providing financing for Boeing’s commercial airplane, space and defense products; he serves on BCC’s investment and disclosure committees and chairs the risk management committee. Nicole Neroulias Gupte began her career as a journalist, specializing in breaking news, immigration and religion, before transitioning to the nonprofit sector. As communications director for Days for Girls, she oversees marketing and outreach for a global organization mobilizing women and girls through education, social enterprises and menstrual health solutions. Read More »

Sam McVeety

Sam McVeety is a software engineer at Google's Fremont office. He is currently one of the technical leads on Cloud Dataflow, a platform that aims to democratize the field of large-scale data processing in a way that lowers barriers to access and advances numerous fields of study. Read More »

Sandra Andrews

Sandra is a customer focused, results oriented, collaborative leader with entrepreneurial spirit. Nearly 20 years in the technology industry, Sandra has experience in business development, product management, customer experience, sales, visual merchandising and marketing. She is known for her ability to get stuff done, driving programs, products and opportunities from vision to launch to execution. Read More »

Sara Moorehead

As VP of Cooperative Affairs for BECU, Sara leads the group charged with protecting and enhancing BECU’s reputation. Her focus is on building engagement with employees, members, media, non-profits and community partners. Sara also serves on the board of directors for Habitat for Humanity SKC, and she manages a small, specialty consulting practice, Alchemy Communications, focused on leadership development and change management for US and UK businesses. Read More »

Sarah Filman & Daron Spektor

Sarah and Daron joined SVP in 2018 to engage more deeply with the Seattle community and learn more about how to play a more active role in supporting local organizations.

Read More »

Sean Cappello

Sean found his way to Seattle after the distinct opportunity to determine that it is the best place to live, provided by a childhood of moving around in the Navy and experiencing the different corners of the USA and the world. He loves Seattle for its unique offering of the great outdoors, culture, and people, which allow him to get his fix of skiing, road biking, climbing, and home-brewing, and further, to be part of communities that enjoy the same things. Read More »

Shane McNamee

Shane loves analyzing data in a multidisciplinary way to help organizations sustainably fulfill their missions. He has spent most of his career in finance at Microsoft across a wide variety of products and experiences: Windows, Office, Surface, enterprise and consumer software and hardware, financial controllership, audit, digital marketing analytics, marketing communications, advertising, and retail. Read More »

Shay Klevay

Shay Klevay is a management consultant with a boutique strategy firm focused on global Fortune 200 clients, Galt & Company, where she leads teams to develop value-maximizing participation strategies, develop plans, and allocate resources to implement them. Prior to Galt, she has experience in organizational behavior, data analytics, performance improvement, and in financial services at Gallup Consulting and JPMorgan Chase. Read More »

Sheri Ranis

Sheri is the new Executive Director for College Access Now, one of SVP's Investees. She was an early pioneer in the college access and success field. With more than 20 years of experience in education, the nonprofit sector and national philanthropy, Sheri brings tremendous knowledge and expertise to her new role. Read More »

Sherri Wolson

Sherri Wolson likes to joke that she joined SVP to make up for all the bad things she did as a lawyer. Although she likes antitrust law and appellate litigation, her true passions include early childhood education, nonprofit capacity building and board governance. Read More »

Sherry Richardson

Sherry Richardson has long experience as a volunteer leader, having served as a Site Council Member for the Issaquah School District Alternative School Executive Committee; a PTA Legislative Representative on school levy campaigns; a Community Advisory Board member for Friends of Youth; and as a member of the Education, Development and Capital Campaign committees of the Open Window School. Read More »

Shirish Nadkarni

Shirish is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience in creating consumer businesses that have scaled to tens of millions of users worldwide. Read More »

Siti Mohamed

Siti Mohamed is an Assistant Vice President, Relationship Baking Officer for Columbia Bank. Read More »

Sofia Michelakis & John Ciochon

Northwest natives, Sofia Michelakis and John Ciochon have been partners since 2013. Sofia works on the Philanthropic Partnerships Team at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which works to encourage more informed, intentional giving in the United States and internationally. Read More »

Stefan Coburn

Stefan is passionate about creating an exciting and bright future. He currently works as a Business Development and Strategy Analyst at Blue Origin, an aerospace company that is developing the future of reusable spaceflight technology. He is excited to nurture new markets in the space economy such as space tourism, habitation, and in-space manufacturing. Read More »

Stephanie Ellis-Smith

Stephanie Ellis-Smith is the owner of the philanthropy advisory firm Phila Engaged Giving. She believes strongly in being a compassionate and generous member of society and has devoted much of her life to the enrichment of her community.

Read More »

Stephanie Yasunaga

After growing up in Hawaii and graduating from Harvard, Stephanie now works as a strategy and M&A manager at Microsoft. Her projects range from guiding decisions about new product development to helping management formulate high level growth strategies. Stephanie has also traveled to over 30 countries and lived in five. Read More »

Steve and Sandy Hill

Steve and Sandy have a lifelong commitment to participating fully in their communities. They have both served on a wide range of community boards including Seattle Symphony, United Way, YMCA, Children's Commission of Pierce County, White House Fellows Association, and Consumers Union. Sandy and Steve volunteer time and resources to human services, educational and arts organizations. Read More »

Steve Bush

Steve Bush has a proven track record for running entrepreneurial engineering teams that can solve complex engineering and business challenges in the online and consumer space. Steve worked for Microsoft for 10 years, leaving in 2000 to work on technology startups. In 2002, he co-founded a venture-backed home networking software startup called Pure Networks which was eventually acquired by Cisco Systems in 2008. Read More »

Steve Singh

Steve Singh has served as Concur's Chief Executive Officer since 1996 and was named to the SAP Global Managing Board in January 2015. Mr. Singh leads the SAP Business Network, which brings together the teams from Ariba, Fieldglass and Concur. He currently serves on the boards of directors for CornerStone OnDemand, Cleartrip, Buuteeq and ModuMetal. Read More »

Suphatra Rufo

Suphatra Rufo is a product manager at Microsoft Teams. Prior to her career in engineering, she worked in marketing and communications at NPR, Marguerite Casey Foundation, and Microsoft Philanthropies.

Read More »

Susan Lubetkin

Susan is an environmental statistician studying Arctic and climate issues. Susan received both her PhD (2008) and MS (1997) in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management from the University of Washington and her undergraduate degree in Biology (1994) from Harvey Mudd College, the school's inaugural class for biology majors. Read More »

Susan Mitchell

Susan Mitchell joined College Access Now (CAN) in April 2012 as Executive Director, where she works in partnership with the Board of Directors to implement the long-term vision for the organization. As CAN embarks on a substantial growth plan, Susan's experience in leadership, strategic planning, finance, and fundraising, for-profit and not-for-profit sectors, is a great asset for CAN. Read More »

Tali Rausch

Tali Rausch is a nonprofit consultant with a passion for advocacy, policy, and social justice. Tali has worked for over 20 years in the nonprofit sector and has experience in the areas of strategic planning, program development, capacity building, management, advocacy and board development.

Read More »

Tara Prakriya

Tara Prakriya is currently the Chief Product Officer at Maana (www.maana.io), in Bellevue, WA. Maana is young company with a breakthrough analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights. Prior to that she was Senior Vice President of Product Management at Global Scholar which focused on end to end K-12 learning management tools. Read More »

Terri Cole

After 25+ exciting and consuming years in the high-tech industry, Terri has retired and is shifting her focus towards using her passion, experience, and skills to create a more just world.

Read More »

Therese Caouette

Therese is the Southeast Asia Regional Advisor for Partners Asia, which provides small community grants to marginalized communities in Myanmar and neighboring countries. She has worked with refugees, migrants, and displaced persons in Southeast Asia for more than 30 years, bringing together community-based organizations, international bodies, foundations, and academic institutions. Read More »

Tim Copes

Tim retired in July of 2016 after twenty-four years with The Boeing Company. In his fourteen years as a vice president, Tim worked in Boeing’s commercial airplanes, defense and space, and internal services businesses in both line and staff leadership roles.

Read More »

Tina Maloney

Tina is a Principal at Perennial Leadership a boutique consulting firm that specialized in the development of corporate cultures and executive teams. Tina has been in the health care space for over 20 years and recently has been asking the question of how to build the bridge between leadership development and community development. Read More »

Todd Vogel

Todd joined SVP upon moving to Seattle in 2004. His roles at SVP have included serving as a member and then chair of two environmental grant committees and as a member and chair of the Portfolio Grant Committee. He also served as board chair from 2014-2016, and in 2009 he helped start and later chaired SVP’s Environmental Advocacy Committee. Outside of SVP, Todd is Managing Director of Loom, a foundation that funds the intersection of environmental causes and social equity. Read More »

Tom Berquist

Tom has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has been with BECU since 1994. Tom has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has been with BECU since 1994. Tom has more than 25 years of experience in the financial services industry and has been with BECU since 1994. Tom leads BECU’s marketing, co-op affairs, affinity, and strategic planning efforts. Read More »

Tony Mestres

Tony Mestres is the president and CEO of Seattle Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the country. Recognized for his leadership and expertise in navigating change and working cross sector with business leaders, elected officials and community and philanthropic partners, Tony has redefined Seattle Foundation’s role as a voice for community needs, developing effective philanthropic strategies to address inequities in the region. Read More »

Vivian Lyons

Vivian is a Seattle native currently working towards her PhD in Epidemiology from the University of Washington. Read More »

Warren and Colette Boeker

Warren and Colette Boeker have lived and worked in New York, London and Sydney. They moved to Bainbridge Island, WA in 1999 where they are raising three daughters. When not working, Warren and Colette volunteer their time to education programs that develop fun and engaging experiential learning opportunities, particularly in science and math. Read More »

Will Guyman

Will recently graduated from Stanford and spent much of the summer traveling before joining SVP. He currently works as a Program Manager in an incubation team within XBox. Before that he previously worked as a Designer and Data Scientist at a startup called Wavii (acquired by Google). Read More »

Will Poole

Will Poole is co-founder and managing partner of Unitus Seed Fund, India’s #1 seed impact investor, supporting startups that innovate for the masses. He also co-founded Capria, the first business accelerator for impact fund managers. He serves on the board of Bangalore-based Vidyanext, whose mission is to change the way India learns. Read More »

Zachary Smith

Zachary Smith is the Co-Founder of Catalyz, a company dedicated to helping organizations make innovation a core part of their culture. A technology and innovation leader with product development and consulting experience, Zachary has worked with a wide range of industries and organizations including startups, Wall Street banks, automotive manufacturers, enterprise software platform providers, creative agencies, and large consulting firms. Read More »

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