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SVP International

These organizations are fighting for a healthier planet, and the potential of every child.

They are tackling some of our community’s most pressing issues in early learning, K-12 education, youth development, and the environment.  SVP is honored to be their accomplice, providing 3-5 years of unrestricted funding and capacity building support as well as shorter-term collective action grants.


Children's Alliance

The Children’s Alliance ensures that laws, policies and programs work for kids, and we hold our leaders accountable until they secure the resources required to make all children safe and healthy. Read More »


EarthGen provides schools with the support and resources to empower the next generation of environmental leaders. Read More »

East African Community Services

East African Community Services (EACS) is dedicated to providing culturally responsive K-12th Education programs that keep youth safe and help them succeed in school and life. Read More »


Futurewise is a statewide public interest group working to promote healthy communities and cities while protecting farmland, forests and shorelines today and for future generations. Read More »

Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond

The Somali Parent Education Board focuses on closing education gaps experienced by Somali families in South King County. Read More »

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation's (UIATF) mission is to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people. Read More »

Washington Building Leaders of Change

Washington Building Leaders of Change's (Wa-BLOC) provides powerful leadership development for South Seattle youth that builds creative, community-connected lifelong leaders.

Read More »

Collective Action Grants

In addition to our multi-year, Investee relationships, SVP is also proud to support groups that are finding new ways to make a greater impact together.

These organizations have aligned their efforts to achieve common goals for kids and environment, and in some cases are leading the charge for collective action.  SVP has provided each with one-year, unrestricted grants — furthering our investment in collaborative solutions.


Eastside Pathways

Eastside Pathways mobilizes our entire community to support every child, step by step, from cradle to career. Read More »

Equity in Education Coalition

The Equity in Education Coalition is a state wide collective action coalition that works towards a more targeted and comprehensive approach to improve educational achievement and growth as well as closing the opportunity and achievement gap throughout the State of Washington. Read More »

South King County Discipline Coalition

The South King County Discipline Coalition's (SKCDC) mission is to end disproportionate discipline of students of color and interrupt the school to prison pipeline through anti-racist organizing, leadership development and advocacy strategies that center parents and youth directly affected. Read More »

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition

Southeast Seattle Education Coalition strengthen the voice of immigrant and refugee communities in southeast Seattle. Read More »

SVP Seattle is honored to have worked with more than 100 local nonprofits since 1997.

These organizations are advancing early learning, K-12 education, youth development, and protection of our environment in King County and beyond.

Our teen philanthropy group also give grants.  See their Investee list >>


Amara Parenting and Adoption Services

Amara's mission is to create and support stable, loving homes for vulnerable children. Their vision and wish for the future is “A Home for Every Child.” Read More »

America SCORES Seattle

America SCORES Seattle inspires urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. Read More »

Arts Corps

Arts Corps, the largest nonprofit arts educator in the Seattle area, fosters creative habits of mind in young people through a passionate corps of teaching artists. Read More »

Boyer Children's Clinic

Boyer Children's Clinic improves the quality of life of children with neuromuscular disorders or other developmental delays by providing the best solutions for each child and family. Read More »

Business Partnership for Early Learning

The Business Partnership for Early Learning invested resources in programs that promote early learning to ensure that all children can reach their full potential in the classroom. Read More »

Center for Courage & Renewal

The mission of the Center for Courage & Renewal (CCR) is to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it. Read More »

Center for Human Services

Center for Human Services strengthens the community through counseling, education and support to children, youth, adults, and families. Read More »

Center for Social Inclusion

The Center for Social Inclusion conducts research on the best strategies to talk about race in order to move racially equitable policies. They also train grassroots organizations, national advocacy organizations, and government agencies on how to talk about race effectively. Read More »

Child Care Resources

Child Care Resources leads efforts to promote equity for children, community stability, and school readiness. Read More »

Children’s Therapy Center

Children’s Therapy Center maximizes the potential of children with special needs. They celebrate where each child is today, and together with parents and caregivers, work toward who they can become. Read More »

Cleveland High School

Cleveland High School provides real world preparation for real world success in personalized, relevant, and rigorous small learning communities. Read More »

Climate Solutions

Climate Solutions works to accelerate practical and profitable solutions to global warming by galvanizing leadership, growing investment and bridging divides. Read More »

College Access Now

College Access Now empowers students from low-income families to access, enroll, and graduate from college at rates equal to their more advantaged peers. Read More »

Communities in Schools of Renton

Communities In Schools of Renton connects students and their families with needed community resources, providing systemic support and balance to the lives of students so they come to school ready to learn and succeed. Read More »

Communities In Schools of Seattle

Communities In Schools of Seattle is part of the nation's leading dropout prevention organization, working in public schools to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. Read More »

Communities in Schools Washington

Communities in Schools surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS Washington supports all its local affiliates throughout the State. Read More »

Community & Parents for Public Schools

Community & Parents for Public Schools organizes, educates, and empowers parents and community members to constructively engage with Seattle district and civic leaders to build a world-class public school system. Read More »

Community for Youth

Community for Youth transforms high school students who are struggling - with school, with family, with their direction in life - into young adults who have confidence, determination and self-awareness. Read More »

Community Schools Collaboration

Community Schools Collaboration exists to provide children and youth with opportunities to succeed in school, to develop high aspirations, and to create a better world. Read More »

Denise Louie Education Center

In order to promote success in school and community, Denise Louie Education Center provides quality, multi‐cultural early childhood education services to children and their families. Read More »

Early Care and Education Coalition

Early Care and Education Coalition was created to build the public and political will necessary to enact policies and investments that promote the healthy development and early learning of young children in Washington state. Read More »

Emerald City Outreach Ministries

Emerald City Outreach Ministries was engaged in the spiritual, social and economic development of the Rainier Valley with specific focus on serving the African American family. Read More »


Encompass nurtures, educates, strengthens and supports children and their families so that each has the opportunity and skills to reach their full potential. Read More »

Environmental Coalition of South Seattle

The Environmental Coalition of South Seattle (ECOSS) encourages urban redevelopment and a healthy environment by providing education, resources and technical assistance to diverse businesses and communities in the Puget Sound region. Read More »

Equal Opportunity Schools

Equal Opportunity Schools seeks to level the educational playing field. They identify, enroll and support missing students in challenging college-preparatory courses, boosting their academic motivation and achievement, and their likelihood of going to and graduating from college. Read More »

Facing the Future

Facing the Future empowers students to think critically, develop a global perspective, and participate in positive solutions for a sustainable future. Read More »

Family Law CASA

Family Law CASA advocates for children in some of King County's toughest custody cases so they have the best possible chance for a safer, more secure home life. Read More »

First Place

First Place is a service agency devoted to educating and nurturing children whose families struggle with the risk or reality of homelessness. They offer housing, culturally relevant education and support services enabling families to achieve permanent stability. Read More »

Food Access and Aggregation Community Team

FAACT is a collaborative of organizations that focus on food justice, sustainable farming, and community building. They are designing a site that fosters equitable, connected, local food economy across South King County. Read More »

Friends of the Children King County

Friends of the Children King County provides long‐term mentoring relationships to help our most vulnerable children develop the relationships, goals, skills, and resources necessary to thrive. Read More »

Front and Centered

Front and Centered is a statewide coalition of more than 60 organizations and groups rooted in communities of color and people with lower incomes. Read More »

Gatewood Elementary

Gatewood Elementary is an all inclusive community of independent learners. They work to instill in their students that they can learn anything, at any time and at any place. Read More »


Groundwire delivers technology to engage people, organizations and communities in building a sustainable society. Read More »

Highline Big Picture High School

Highline Big Picture High School uses internships and rigorous, interest-based projects to immerse students in work they are passionate about in order to develop the skills, habits, and knowledge to succeed in higher education, overcome obstacles to their well-being, and contribute positively to their communities. Read More »

Highline School District

The mission of Highline Public Schools is educate every student and expect excellence. Everything they do is focused on the ultimate goal of seeing each and every student graduate ready for college, career, and citizenship. Read More »

Human Services Funders Collaborative

Human Services Funders Collaborative was a unique group of philanthropic organizations joined by a common commitment to funding human services in our state. Read More »

Institute for Community Leadership

The Institute for Community Leadership is a nonviolence educational organization dedicated to transforming the character of young people, through the teaching and practice of nonviolent and peace-filled principles. Read More »

Institute for Family Development

The Institute for Family Development creates, delivers and disseminates evidence based child welfare programs to keep children safe, strengthen families, and reduce the need for placing children into state-funded care. Read More »

Kimball Elementary School

Kimball Elementary School fosters lifelong learners and problem solvers within a community of cultural diversity and acceptance. Read More »

Kindering Center

Kindering Center is committed to providing superior, individualized, family-centered services for children who are disabled, medically fragile, or vulnerable because of abuse or neglect. Read More »

League of Education Voters Foundation

The League of Education Voters Foundation engages citizens, educators, policymakers, and the media in the effort to provide a quality education for all students in Washington State ‐ from preschool through college. Read More »

Metrocenter YMCA

The Y brings families closer together, encourages good health and fosters connections. We offer support, guidance and resources needed to achieve greater health and well-being for spirit, mind and body. SVP funded Metrocenter's violence prevention program: Alive & Free. Read More »

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust

Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust leads and inspires action to conserve and enhance the landscape from Seattle across the Cascade Mountains to Central Washington, ensuring a long‐term balance between people and nature. Read More »

Music Works Northwest

Music Works Northwest enriches the quality of life for children of all ages through accessible music education and experiences. Read More »

Neighborhood House

The mission of Neighborhood House is to help diverse communities of people with limited resources attain their goals for self-sufficiency, financial independence, health, and community building. Read More »

New Futures

New Futures partners with families in their communities and with educators to ensure that children succeed in school and in life. Read More »

Open Arms Perinatal Services

Open Arms Perinatal Services provides strong community-based support for women through pregnancy, birth and postpartum so families can get the best start in life. Read More »

Our Place Daycare Center

Our Place was the first day center in Seattle organized specifically to serve children whose families are living in homeless shelters, on the street or moving into transitional housing. Read More »

Passages Northwest

Passages Northwest (now a program of Metrocenter YMCA) helps unearth the impressive physical, creative, and inquisitive courage girls already possess. Read More »

People For Puget Sound

People For Puget Sound protects and restores Puget Sound and the Northwest Straits – our living waters, the land and our common future. It is now a program of Washington Environmental Council. Read More »

Philanthropic Partnership for Public Education

Philanthropic Partnership for Public Education was a group of local funders striving for excellence in Seattle Public Schools. Read More »

Pioneer Counseling Services

Pioneer Counseling Services strengthens the ability of people and families to care for one another and to be successful members of their communities. Read More »

Powerful Schools

Powerful Schools reduces the academic achievement gap by creating strong partnerships with public schools and providing literacy, arts, after‐school and leadership programs that help kids thrive. Read More »

Powerful Voices

Because strong girls become strong women. Powerful Voices fosters adolescent girls' development by providing programs and promoting social justice so girls can realize their dreams, engage their communities and shape a better world. Read More »

Program for Early Parent Support

PEPS provides community-based programs that enable parents of infants and young children to meet the challenges of parenting through mutual support and shared information. Read More »

Puget Sound Sage

Puget Sound Sage brings together labor, faith and community to build an economy based on shared prosperity. They ensure all families benefit from economic growth, all workers are free from discrimination in the workplace and all development meets the needs of our communities. Read More »

Rainier Scholars

Rainier Scholars cultivates the academic potential of talented and motivated young scholars from ethnic minority backgrounds. They work to increase college graduation rates and to develop new generations of leaders. Read More »

Refugee Women's Alliance

Refugee Women's Alliance is a multi-ethnic, community-based organization that provides comprehensive culturally and linguistically appropriate services to refugee and immigrant communities throughout King and Snohomish Counties. Read More »

Resource Media

Resource Media provides communications strategy and media services to nonprofits, foundations and others who are working to protect communities, public health and the environment. Read More »

Road Map Project

The Road Map Project is a community-wide effort aimed at improving education to drive dramatic improvement in student achievement from cradle to college and career in South King County and South Seattle. Read More »

Rogers and Sacajawea Elementary Schools

Two elementary schools in the Seattle Public Schools system, working for academic achievement for every child in every classroom. Read More »

Seattle Arts & Lectures

Seattle Arts & Lectures envisions a future in which imaginative acts such as reading, writing, and creative thinking are indispensable to a curious, engaged, democratic society. Read More »

Seattle Children's Home

Seattle Children's Home provides services for Washington's emotionally and developmentally challenged children to help them live normal, productive lives. Read More »

Seattle MESA

Through Seattle MESA, girls and students of color achieve their full potential in mathematics, engineering, and science. Read More »

Seattle University Youth Initiative

The Seattle University Youth Initiative (SUYI) and the Yesler Community Collaborative have become partners in the evolving transformation of Yesler Terrace and the surrounding neighborhoods. Read More »

Seattle Youth Garden Works

Seattle Youth Garden Works empowers homeless and underserved youth through garden-based education and employment. Read More »

Sightline Institute

Sightline Institute’s mission is to make the Northwest a global model of sustainability—strong communities, a green economy, and a healthy environment. Read More »

Skyway Youth Network Collaborative (SYNC)

Skyway Youth Network Collaborative is a coalition of youth-serving organizations in Skyway. SYNC exists to create a web of support and aims to build community for all youth in Skyway/West Hill. Read More »

Sound Discipline

Using a research-based, experiential and culturally-responsive approach, Sound Discipline teaches parents and educators to build respectful relationships and use solution-focused problem solving with children and each other. Read More »

Southwest Youth and Family Services

Southwest Youth and Family Services works to support communities in which culturally and economically diverse families, youth and children thrive and prosper. Read More »

Spark Northwest

Spark Northwest works to establish a clean, diverse and affordable Northwest energy system based on efficient use of renewable resources, with maximum local control and ownership of energy assets. Read More »

Spark Northwest/Environmental Coalition of South Seattle

Spark Northwest and ECOSS are working together, leveraging their strengths of increasing local ownership and control of clean energy while also education and empowering diverse communities to implement sustainable practices. Read More »

Summer Search

Summer Search finds resilient low‐income high school students and inspires them to become responsible and altruistic leaders by providing year-round mentoring, life-changing summer experiences, college advising, and a lasting support network. Read More »

Sustainable Communities Funders Collaborative

The Sustainable Communities Funders Collaborative is comprised of foundations and government agencies that care deeply about the intersection of environmental stewardship, equitable community development and community engagement. Read More »

Talbot Hill Elementary School

Talbot Hill is a MicroSociety® of caring and responsible citizens. They empower their students, extend enriching opportunities to all learners and prepare today's students to be tomorrow's great problem-solvers, innovators and game-changers. Read More »

Team Read

Team Read focuses on helping 2nd and 3rd grade students become great readers by providing intensive reading tutoring by dedicated teen tutors. Read More »

Technology Access Foundation

Technology Access Foundation prepares underserved children of color for higher education and professional success by providing a rigorous and relevant K-12 curriculum. Read More »

Thrive by Five Washington

Thrive by Five Washington mobilizes the power of public and private partners to promote and support the development and learning of children birth to five. Read More »

Transit for All

OneAmerica, Puget Sound Sage and Transportation Choices Coalition are deeply committed to fostering vibrant, affordable, and safe communities by advocating for better transit for all. Read More »

Transportation Choices Coalition

Transportation Choices Coalition brings Washingtonians more and better transportation choices -- real opportunities to take a bus, catch a train, ride a bike, or walk. Read More »

University of Washington Women’s Center

The University of Washington Women’s Center is a vital place where women and men partner to build a culture of gender equity campus-wide,locally and globally. Read More »

Vietnamese Friendship Association

The Vietnamese Friendship Association empowers the Vietnamese community to succeed while bridging, preserving, and promoting cultural heritage. They work to ensure that school-age children and youth receive quality education and succeed in life. Read More »

Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education

The Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education promotes voter participation among conservation-minded citizens. Read More »

Washington Environmental Council

Washington Environmental Council is the leading voice for protection of land, air, and water in our state. As a nonprofit advocacy organization, they influence decisions to make the world a better place. Read More »

Washington Literacy

Washington Literacy was founded to strengthen Laubach literacy groups across the state. The early mission was to support and train volunteers teaching adults to read. Read More »

Washington Reading Corps

The Washington Reading Corps improves reading abilities of K-6 students across Washington State. Read More »

Washington Toxics Coalition

Washington Toxics Coalition protects public health and the environment by eliminating toxic pollution. They promote alternatives, advocate policies, empower communities, and educate people to create a healthy environment. Read More »

Washington Water Trust

Washington Water Trust works to improve and protect stream flows and water quality that benefit agriculture, fisheries and wildlife by using innovative, market-based transactions and cooperative partnerships to create balanced solutions. Read More »

Wonderland Developmental Center

Wonderland Developmental Center provides early learning support to families and children with developmental challenges as they live, learn and play. Read More »

Youth Development Executives of King County

Youth Development Executives of King County is a coalition of youth-serving organizations working together to advance the youth development field in order to improve outcomes for young people. Read More »

Youth Eastside Services

Youth Eastside Services is a lifeline for kids and families coping with challenges such as emotional distress, substance abuse and violence. Read More »

Youth Tutoring Program

Youth Tutoring Program's Mission is to tutor, guide and inspire vulnerable youth living in public housing to achieve academic success. Read More »


Zeno (formerly Explorations in Math) helps create an engaging math culture in elementary schools where students, teachers and parents work together to help all students succeed in math. Read More »

Through SVP’s Fast Pitch program we have supported dozens amazing nonprofits and social enterprises.

These organizations are creating positive change throughout the Puget Sound region and beyond. Check out our Fast Pitch winners below!

Fast Pitch 2020 Winners

Fast Pitch 2020 shared ideas of innovation to end the school to prison pipeline, improving youth education, as well as health and wellness solutions for undeserved communities– these are only a portion of the powerful ideas presented at this year’s Final Showdown. Read more about the SVP Fast Pitch 2020 winners. Read More »

Congratulations 2018 SVP Fast Pitch Winners!

We're all still beaming about the SVP Fast Pitch Final Showdown held on November 10th. The 8th annual Final Showdown was overflowing with energy and inspiration as the 11 SVP Fast Pitch finalists took the stage at Kane Hall at the University of Washington, followed by a innovator showcase for community members to engage with all 21 organizations that participated in Fast Pitch this year. A big thanks to everyone who was involved to make the night such a success!

Read More »

2017 SVP Fast Pitch Winners

The 7th annual Final Showdown was overflowing with energy and inspiration as the 14 SVP Fast Pitch finalists took the stage at McCaw Hall. These impressive social impact entrepreneurs pitched their ideas for good to a full house of supporters, community members and business leaders dedicated to supporting change in our region.

Read More »

2016 Fast Pitch Winners

A rummage sale app for K-12 schools developed by a 13-year- old entrepreneur, an eco-friendly alternative for death care, a solar-powered safe water solution for disaster areas, and an app for direct donations to the homeless – these were some of the outstanding ideas that were awarded prizes at the SVP Fast Pitch 2016 Final Showdown.

Read More »

2015 Fast Pitch Winners

Tanikka Watford started a small-batch food processing company to get more local products onto grocery store shelves and Christopher Lee is a high school sophomore who designed a water purity tester that fits in your pocket and sends data right to your phone. And they are just two of our 2015 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

Read More »

2014 Fast Pitch Winners

From a 'rags to riches' project creating high end clothing with recycled fabrics to a software program created by a high school student that helps kids with Dyslexia learn -- you'll want to check out our 2014 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

Read More »

2013 Fast Pitch Winners

From an online e-reading platform that empowers teachers to increase students' comprehension and retention to a culinary training program for immigrants and refugees that leverages their cooking skills to help them find employment -- you'll want to check out our 2014 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

Read More »

2012 Fast Pitch Winners

From the Living Voters Guide that simplifies the process of deciding which candidates, propositions, initiatives, and referendums to support to Localista, a loyalty program to encourage and reward buying from local businesses -- you'll want to check out our 2012 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

Read More »

2011 Fast Pitch Winners

From launching the next generation of organic farmers by providing land, capital, expertise and dedicated markets to an app that provides tools to create, discover and easily share local service events for volunteers -- you'll want to check out our 2011 Fast Pitch winners! Meet them all below.

Read More »

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