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Zeno (formerly Explorations in Math) turns math into a lifelong adventure. By building a culture in elementary schools that showcases math as fun, engaging, and relevant, they unleash every child’s ability to conquer math in his or her own way.  SVP funded Zeno from 2007-2012.

Total Giving: $245,000

Zeno & SVP In Action

Zeno (formerly Explorations in Math) is building a positive math culture in Puget Sound and beyond. SVP was a part of that.

Strengthening Zeno

In partnership with SVP volunteers and paid consultants, Zeno tackled projects like:

  • Marketing & Communications: Partners Megan Smiley and Sarah Daniels helped identify steps to successfully launch a branding campaign.
  • Human Resources: Community Volunteer Carmen D’Arcangelo assisted Zeno in outlining annual review process and professional development plan.
  • Marketing & Communications: Partner Sarah Daniels supported Zeno in outlining a PR road map over the next 12-18 months that will help maximize short-term opportunities.
  • Program Outcomes & Evaluation: SVP provided funds to complete a Theory of Change and Logic Model to align with program outcomes.
  • Leadership Development: SVP covered the cost for ED and board members to participate in peer learning group for fund development.
  • Information Technology: Partner Kevin Phaup provided SharePoint support and guidance on IT systems
  • Program Outcomes & Evaluation: Partner Bu Huang provided data and statistical analysis.

In Their Words

“In addition to SVP’s  financial support, our Lead Partner has been a valuable part of our growth.  Bill Ellis provides ongoing mentorship and business/organizational advice in a caring and respectful manner.  He truly believes in our work and seeing the organization grow successfully.  The combination of these forms of support is unique to SVP and is truly appreciated.” —  Tammie Schacher, Executive Director

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Over the five year relationship with former SVP Investee Zeno, Bill helped bring in and manage SVP Partner volunteers for 40 different projects. His experience as a lead partner launched a turning point in his philanthropy.

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A Bittersweet Blog

So, let’s get the "bitter" out of the way first – it’s over. The grant cycle has come to its planned end, and I am being laid off in my job as Lead Partner. I’ll miss being SVP’s representative in working with this great organization and fine people that comprise Explorations in Math. But “it’s over” has some deeper implications for SVP.

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Making "I Can't Do Math" a Thing of the Past

Some people can do math and some people can't? Not anymore. Explorations in Math (now Zeno Math) is building a positive math culture in Puget Sound and now beyond.

SVP was a part of that. Find out how.

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Impact to the 3rd Power

In our March newsletter we profiled an Investee with whom we are in our 5th year. That story prompted a long-time Partner and super-volunteer, John Fine, to write back...

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How a Mail Merge Made Me Vulnerable

There are no dumb questions, right? That’s what we’re told anyway. Yet how often do we actually speak up when we don’t know the answer? On November 9, Stephanie Cherrington talked about how sharing one small, vulnerable moment provided unexpected opportunities. Check out her story here.

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