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Tara Prakriya

Tara Prakriya is currently the Chief Product Officer at Maana (www.maana.io), in Bellevue, WA.  Maana is young company with a breakthrough analytics platform that operationalizes big data insights.  Prior to that she was Senior Vice President of Product Management at Global Scholar which focused on end to end K-12 learning management tools.

Tara had a 14.5 year career at Microsoft with roles such as General Manager of the Technology Strategy Group, Product Unit Manager of Tablet PC and Product Unit Manager of the Unlimited Potential Group where she investigated new business opportunities to reach consumers in emerging markets via education and tailored hardware.

Tara grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and Philadelphia. She moved to Seattle in 1996 after working at Merck. She enjoys skiing, running with the family dog, hiking, traveling with her family, and evenings with friends. She also likes to enthusiastically try new recipes and knitting patterns – much to the consternation of her family.

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