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Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond

Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond, formerly The Somali Parent Education Board, focuses on how school districts respond to the child’s mental, physical, and cultural identity in King County.

SPEB recently released their strategic vision a culmination of community forums, and relationship building with Somali parents in the Road Map Project region. This vision is focused on identifying and defining the barriers for Somali families in accessing and influence the education system. SPEB hopes to bring together Somali parents from South King County school districts as parent leaders who will participate in a family institute working to connect families with services, and develop culturally responsive methods infuse parent voice in the education system. SPEB focuses on three key priorities to change outcomes for Somali youth:

  1. Understanding and use of data to promote change
  2. Engagement of Somali families in the education system and in leadership
  3. Professional development activities designed to better prepare institutions to serve the Somali community

This investment will allow SPEB to support parent leaders as they attend the first Education Institute for Somali Families. The institute which will kick off this fall, will be dedicated to creating a space for educators, parents, and students to learn from each other. The committee is excited by the possibility of supporting the innovation of this community to influence the education system.

SVP 2019 Investment: $20,000

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