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Peter Kelly

Peter has been a SVP Seattle partner since 2013, is currently a member of the Environment Grant Committee, and was a founding partner in SVP Beijing. He started an international nonprofit organization in Seattle with the mission to promote agricultural innovation in developing countries through public engagement, developing (for example) more productive nutritious tropical crops and better ways for smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change. He most recently worked as an assistant professor of economics at Renmin University of China, specializing in sustainable rural development.

Peter has been interested in environmental philanthropy since age 5, when he saw a donor-financed college campus building destroy his favorite dandelion patch, and told his mom “my building will be built where it doesn’t destroy any dandelions”.

He is also an active member of the Element 8 clean technology angel investment group and an associate editor at the Journal of Forest Economics.  Peter holds a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from UC Berkeley and a BS in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis.

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