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Paul G. Allen Philanthropies , 2020 Platinum Sponsor

Paul G. Allen Philanthropies develops and delivers programs that improve our planet through catalytic philanthropy, inspirational experiences, and scientific and technological breakthroughs. Empowered by Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s vision to create a better world, we take an unconventional approach to tackling hard problems by integrating technology, data, policy, and powerful storytelling to drive positive change in our community and around the globe.

We gather and use data to fill critical gaps that are barriers to identifying the best solutions to issues such as wildlife protection, illegal fishing and the protection of coral reefs. We then leverage and develop cutting-edge technologies to create new solutions and products. At every possible turn, we work to advance smart policies at home and around the world. And through Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions, we work to create a better understanding of our global issues – one story at a time.

The team at Paul G. Allen Philanthropies is applying this approach to some of the world’s toughest problems, from restoring ocean health to protecting wildlife to combatting global warming to strengthening communities.

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