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Spark Northwest (formerly Northwest SEED) works to establish a clean, diverse and affordable Northwest energy system based on efficient use of renewable resources, with maximum local control and ownership of energy assets.

Spark Northwest’s strategy is to provide increased access to clean, renewable, local energy in order to minimize our reliance on fossil fuels and increase resilience in the face of an uncertain climate future.
Their unique approach is focused on advancing community-scale clean energy: energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy projects with substantial community ownership and involvement.

Spark Northwest’s community-based projects stimulate local economic development, create jobs, enhance security and create widespread popular support for a sustainable energy system.
Whether it’s delivering renewable energy workshops, advising the governor on energy policy, or putting solar on rooftops across the city, Spark Northwest is leading a clean energy revolution, community by community.

SVP has supported Spark Northwest since 2014.

Total Giving: $126,500

Executive Director: Jennifer Grove (LinkedIn)
Lead Partner: Karen Conover (LinkedIn)

Strengthening Spark Northwest

In this short video, Jennifer shares how SVP Partner Tim Schottman guided her organization through strategic planning, turning opportunities into attainable goals.

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North Star found: SVP Partner brings strategic planning skills to Northwest SEED

“I just feel like we have the North Star we’ve been needing and we’re moving together in concert,” says Northwest SEED Executive Director Jennifer Grove. In this short video, Jennifer shares how SVP Partner Tim Schottman guided her organization through strategic planning, turning the overflowing number of opportunities at their fingertips into attainable goals.

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Welcome New SVP Investee Northwest SEED!

What did the Seattle native say to the Pillsbury Doughboy? … Nice tan! Umm, why’s that relevant you say?

Contrary to common assumptions (and well-worn weather jokes), solar energy is actually plentiful in our vitamin D deficient city. In fact, Germany gets less sunshine than Seattle, but on sunny weekends, nearly HALF of their energy production comes from solar.

Here at home, less than ONE PERCENT of our energy is solar, but SVP’s newest Investee is turning that around!

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