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Gregory Whiting

Gregory Whiting is the director of Equity and Inclusion for Food Lifeline.  This non-profit is a food bank that serves all of Western Washington as a policy advocate, bulk supplier of food, and partner for hundreds of smaller local agencies that distribute food to community members.  Food Lifeline is a member of the Feeding America national network of food banks.  Gregory is on the Feeding America EDI (Equity Diversity Inclusion) advisory committee.  On this committee he is collaborating with other leaders in the field to help develop the and support Feeding America’s growth in anti-poverty movements.  As Food Lifeline’s director of Equity and Inclusion, Gregory is directly involved in organizational change efforts that are designed to build out and activate the anti-poverty movement that is embedded in the core values of the organization. 

Gregory’s work has involved many years of working in a similar function via Intergroup Dialogue facilitation, equity and inclusion consulting, and leading a small sci-fiction publishing company’s community management and recruitment strategies.  He has an expansive background as a licensed clinical social worker.  He has served in this capacity for King County in five different hospital systems, two community health agencies, and with clients in most of the King County jails.  Gregory earned his Masters of Social Work at the University of Washington and has been licensed .  His Intergroup Dialogue research, facilitation, and training was gained throughout his undergraduate tenure as a Psychology student at the University of Michigan.

In his spare time, Gregory is an avid science fiction fan (almost all mediums of expression for the genre).  He prefers biking over walking, and boxes on a near daily basis.  He has started two businesses recently (details coming soon), and likes to plan big family trips since all of of his people live in Detroit or cities east of it.

You can find Gregory in Linkedin, biking around town, boxing, or engaging with other excited and dedicated Brainerd Fellows at SVP meetings.

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