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Food Access and Aggregation Community Team

FAACT is a collaborative of organizations that focus on food justice, sustainable farming, and community building.  FAACT is made up of the South King County Food Coalition, Elk Run Farm, the Food Innovation Network, the International Rescue Committee, Highline College, Living Well Kent and Shared sole, have been meeting since 2017 to advance their collaborative vision. They are designing a site that fosters equitable, connected, local food economy across South King County.

FAACT’s goal is to provide farming space and aggregation infrastructure for small scale growers.  Many of these growers are immigrants and refugees who came from rural lives but now find themselves isolated in apartments with little or no garden area.  The goal is to provide these folks with a way to grow and sell the culturally appropriate foods that are otherwise hard to find.  The project would also benefit small scale farmers in the area who currently face distribution challenges.  It would also serve as a community learning and access point.

SVP 2019 Investment: $7,500

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