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Team Read is ready for a communications make over. In the short term, we are looking for an SVP partner who could help think through revamping our website (www.teamread.org). This volunteer need not be technically savvy (we have a programming guru on board!) but be knowledgeable about website best practices, have a creative eye and experience in messaging and marketing. Ideally, this advisor would be able to suggest creative and straight-forward solutions for improving our site, as well as provide insight into how to better present our organization to the public. The work on the upgraded website will help lay the foundation for a complete website overhaul further down the road.

SVP’s capacity-building support has given Team Read access to a wider audience. Now we want to ensure that our communications materials are effective in connecting with current and potential supporters. Our organization needs a compelling website in order to grow our donor base, improve our general visibility and provide information for multiple audiences. We envision that an improved Team Read website will help generate excitement about our work, which will make it easier to engage with funders and potential partners, and further our mission by providing families and tutors with additional resources (like video trainings on tutoring techniques).

Examples of Work to be Performed:

  • Meet with Executive Director, Director of Development, Technical Advisor and SVP lead partner to discuss goals for website update

Desired Deliverables:

  • Provide detailed report of recommendations
  • Provide feedback as site is being revamped

Project Basics and Next Steps

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