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Value Proposition, Sound Discipline

Sound Discipline is looking for a skilled volunteer who can help the organization crystallize their value proposition that they make to prospective partner schools and school districts.


Sound Discipline works with schools to support a paradigm shift in how adults engage with and empower students. In the long term this reduces discipline incidents, leads to better outcomes, and ultimately relieves schools of cost burdens. The transition though is expensive and schools can be reluctant to invest.

Project Goal

Sound Discipline is looking to better understand the decision making of schools and school districts and to help shift their perspective to understand the value of Sound Discipline’s programs. The organization would like to highlight how working with Sound Discipline can lead to significant resource savings, for example:

  • When school principals don’t deal with as many discipline referrals, they have more time to do instructional development
  • When school climates improve, some students who might leave the school stay at the school
  • When teachers have the tools they need, they are less likely to leave the school or profession (or less likely to take time off for sick days and require substitutes

Work to be performed

  • Meeting with school leaders to understand how they make the decision to invest in programs like Sound Discipline. (Sound Discipline would arrange all meetings with school leaders)
  • Conducting research on how other programs like Sound Discipline’s are valued or monetized
  • Working with Sound Discipline staff to assign rough dollar figures on what the savings might be for a school and the value of the program in other ways that could drive decision making

As a desired deliverable, Sound Discipline would like to have a summary report that identifies key decision making criteria for school administrators and lists some of the cost savings that a school might experience.


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