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Be an SVP Buddy!

Over the last couple of years, we’ve matched nearly 100 new Partners with “SVP Buddies.”  Buddies are generally Partners who’ve been with SVP for two or more years and sign up because it’s an easy way to be involved and to meet new and interesting people.

Hear from a couple of buddies who shared their experience below!

Chris Rogers

Why did you become a buddy? I recall feeling a little overwhelmed about where to pitch in when I joined SVP 14 years ago, plus it’s a fun way to meet a new partner.

Did you and your buddy find that you share any particular interests/experiences?  Yes! Parenting joys and lamentations, interesting career changes, and a curiosity about school reform.

What was the most interesting thing you talked about? Nathan is an expert (at least to me) in common core curriculum. He cleared up a few things for me. 

Brad Brickman

Why did I volunteer/agree to be an SVP buddy? I enjoy the experience of meeting new Partners at SVP events, which is a great way to learn about the resources available to new members. But I know social events are not for everyone and they can sometime be hit and miss in terms of the people you can meet.  I thought a more personal approach to share how my experience unfolded as a new member might be helpful.

Did you and your buddy find that you share any particular interests/experiences?  Yes…John McGarry mentioned he was on the board of an arts school in a remote location in Michigan which turns out to be a venue where I have been a patron of music programs many times! The Interlochan School of Arts. Plus, John was also very interested in the NW Conservation Philanthropy Fellowship which I recently started.

What was the most interesting thing you talked about?  It was interesting to learn of Michelle’s expanding passion for pottery and John’s interest in the outdoors as they both recently transitioned from work in NYC to pursue a different lifestyle in Seattle.

Sound fun?  We’re Recruiting Buddies!

If you’re like Brad and Chris and enjoy meeting new and interesting people, consider signing up as an SVP Buddy!  Here’s what the “job” entails:

  • Send a welcome email to your new partner buddy.
  • Meet with them or chat over the phone to get to know a little about them and what they hope to gain from their SVP experience.
  • Send a brief email update to Lisa Merrill and Rebecca Stephens after you’ve had an initial conversation with your buddy.
  • Check in with your buddy every 3-4 months during their first year to see how the SVP experience is going.  If you’re attending an SVP workshop or social event, invite them to meet you there.

It’s as easy and fun as that! If you’re interested, please email Lisa Merrill at lisa@merrillimages.com.   

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