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Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation, Children’s Alliance

Children’s Alliance is seeking a skilled volunteer who can work with the organizations staff and Board leadership in designing and helping to facilitate a strategic planning framework for the organization.

Children’s Alliance is drafting a new strategic plan using their racial equity theory of change as a foundation. The overall goals for this project include:

  • The organization will have a clearer vision and path forward in their work to integrate both a racial equity focus in their public policy work and anti-racist organizational development.
  • Board and staff will have clarity about how they are moving forward the outcomes identified in their racial equity theory of change
  • The organization will have and be able to test hypotheses about how those outcomes move population-level results for Washington’s 1.6 million children.

Examples of work to be performed:

  • Work with ad hoc committee to finalize a project plan and timeline
  • Provide facilitation for select meetings
  • Help make the transition from having a strategic plan to formulating work plans/action plans
  • Help design meaningful and manageable evaluation strategy and processes


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