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Strategic Planning with Bellevue Schools Foundation

The Bellevue Schools Foundation is seeking an experienced volunteer to help design and lead a seven-month process through which they will develop a roadmap to guide them through 2018. Specifically, we look for assistance with the following:

  • Assure the planning process moves along at a pace sufficient to assure the board votes on a final plan in March 2015.
  • Develop an understanding of the unique challenges we face in developing our strategic plan and provide insight into how to structure the planning process to achieve the best-possible end result.
  • Serve as a neutral facilitator during discussions so that everyone else in the room can actively participate and share opinions. Guide discussion toward decision-making as needed.
  • Raise questions that lead to meaningful discussion and consideration of factors that might not otherwise come up. In other words, IF there are any, point out the elephant(s) in the room.
  • Provide insight into how to achieve full board and staff buy-in to the final plan, as well as how to assess our progress relative to the plan at checkpoints along the three years during which it is implemented.

Examples of Work To Be Performed

Facilitate discussion at core team meetings, stimulate questions, meet with staff and/or trustees individually to discuss issues if needed, provide suggestions of resources that could be beneficial during the planning process, check in with staff about progress of written document, provide guidance and suggestions for how to actively engage stakeholders and ultimately achieve full buy-in on difficult decisions.

Desired Deliverables

End result is a completed strategic plan to be voted on at the March 2015 board meeting. Staff will produce the document with ongoing feedback provided by the volunteer/consultant and core team.

Volunteer Skills Required

Experience facilitating discussions and decision-making related to potentially contentious issues. Experience working with nonprofit boards and staff in strategic planning processes. Ability to maintain an open mind and big picture perspective. Good listener.

Additional Information and Next Steps

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