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Staff Project Management Training, Communities in Schools Seattle

Communities in Schools Seattle (CISS) is looking for a skilled volunteer with experience in organizational operations or programs, particularly as it pertains to staff working across a remote work environment. CISS Staff work in school-based locations across Seattle and the organization would like support around staff training on time and deadline management and building accountability for site based team members.


Additional Background

CISS Site based staff operate in a remote setting from the CISS main office. Building organization-wide accountability around reporting, project management, and program improvements has been difficult due in part to the lack of face-to-face daily interaction among staff and CISS leadership.


Description of Project Opportunity

CISS would like a volunteer to provide training for their site-based staff and leadership team on time management and ability to recognize and meet deadlines in a multi-partner and remote working environment. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop accountability within the team to meet and surpass organizational outcome goals.

The tasks associated with this project may include the following:

  • 1-2 hour training sessions around the blended use of individual and technology best practices that help people keep deadlines, manage share projects, and create visible transparency on ongoing work.
  • Potential follow up 1-on-1 sessions to work with each individual employee’s (13 People) learning styles to align with organizational needs.


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