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College Access Now (CAN) is dedicated to making college admission possible for talented, motivated and economically disadvantaged students who are in the first generation of their families to attend college. They have experienced tremendous growth in the last two years, increasing from 11 staff members in 2011 to 33 in 2013.

Recognizing that staff and service members are their most valuable assets and key to maintaining their incredible success, CAN is looking for a volunteer to help create an organization-wide recruitment strategy to attract a diverse team that is representative of the communities served, effective goal setting and progress tracking, and comprehensive performance and compensation reviews.

CAN has a strong team and leadership structure in place, and it is crucial that they implement a talent development process and comprehensive performance management approach enabling them to recruit, retain, and grow the talents of each individual.

The goal is to develop processes and mechanisms that will help CAN attract, retain, and grow a diverse and highly functioning team of talented employees who are committed to the organization and fully engaged in their work. This includes developing a:

  • Strategy for recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that is representative of the communities we serve;
  • Process for helping employees set and monitor progress towards clearly defined goals
  • Process for regular comprehensive performance and compensation reviews;
  • Long-term career path opportunities.

Examples of Work to Be Performed

  • Meet with Executive Director Finance & Business Manager once per month (2-3 hours).
  • Facilitate the creation of various performance management related processes and mechanisms.
  • Assist in training supervisors and staff during implementation of processes and mechanisms.

We anticipate this project to be ongoing over the ’13-’14 year, beginning as soon as volunteer(s) are identified. The project can be broken into phases, and can be completed by a team or multiple SVP Partners.

More About College Access Now

College Access Now (CAN) helps students become the first in their families to attend and graduate from college. We help break down the process into manageable steps; the experience can be daunting when no one in your household has gone through it. Our coaches build relationships with students, offering practical and emotional support for these young trailblazers as they traverse the shifting terrain of applications, financial aid, and family obligations.

But getting into college isn’t enough—we make sure students graduate. We help them choose the right school, create sustainable habits, and prepare for the transition away from family. Our intrepid youth enter college with the tools they need to prosper, as well as the enthusiasm and resilience required to tackle challenges. Until they throw that cap in the air, degree in hand, we’re there to make sure they succeed.

After graduation, our students return as community leaders, living lives in which college becomes an expectation, not just a dream. The impact of a college degree is transformative—for students, for their families, and for all of us who benefit from a more informed, empowered society.

Project Basics & Next Steps

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