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Paid Time Off Implementation, East African Community Services

East African Community Services (EACS) is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with the organization to develop policies regarding paid time off, i.e. vacation, sick leave, bereavement, etc.

EACS has grown to the point where the organization now has sufficient staff and operations capacity to implement clear paid time off policies. Having recently adopted a payroll processing service that can track paid time off accrual and balances, the organization can now implement the policy with relatively light administrative burden.

Work to be Performed

EACS has a draft PTO policy which they have adapted from a peer organization. The volunteer would be asked to review the proposed policy for clarity, correctness, consistency with Washington law and human resource best practices.

The volunteer would work with the organization’s leadership to update their Employee Handbook with the new PTO new policy; assist EACS’ Operations Manager in communicating the new PTO policy to staff; and help to train the Operations Manager to manage the policy going forward.

Desired Deliverables

  • Updated Employee Handbook
  • Communications materials (mostly email, how-to)
  • Documentation of how to administer


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