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Organizational Rebranding, Northwest SEED

Northwest SEED is looking for a skilled volunteer to work with them on developing a new brand strategy for the organization.

In the last few years Northwest SEED has undertaken significant work around refining and honing their mission and vision. With a new strategic plan in place, it’s time for the organization to refresh their brand to better align with NW SEED’s mission and strategic priorities. This project represents a follow-on from a previous rebranding scoping initiative that was completed with support from an SVP Partner.

It is envisioned that the brand strategy will include a re-design of Northwest SEED’s logo and marketing materials, clear and consistent guidelines for using their brand across collateral and outreach materials, as well as a possible name change for the organization. The overall goal of the project is to have a strategy in place and an update to NWSEED’s visual identity.

Examples of Work to be Performed (Illustrative):

  • Conduct a brand audit, review competitive landscape and understand NWSEED’s niche and unique position
  • Identify missing components in NWSEED branding
  • Build an implementation plan to improve brand consistency and effectiveness (include timeline, launch elements, resources, and costs)
  • Present re-branding plan to internal “Rebranding Task force”
  • Create plans for internal and external re-brand launch
  • Implement launch or help secure resources to carry out the launch (for example, graphic designer or brand consultant)

Desired Deliverables:

  • Attend brainstorming session led on July 20th (if possible)
  • Create re-branding plan, timeline and budget
  • Develop brand strategy and guidelines document
  • Provide input on new logo and organizational name (potentially)


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