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Office Space Planning, Children’s Alliance

Children’s Alliance is seeking a skilled volunteer to assist in their upcoming need to search for new office space. Specifically, the organization would like support around thinking through and planning for an appropriate and adaptable physical space design, as well as technology planning. Please note that this project will likely require multiple volunteers. Expressions of interest for discreet aspects of the work are welcome!

Children’s Alliance will need new office space when their lease expires in March 2019. As they begin their search for a new home, they are considering how to design the space in a way that:

  • Allows us them to be conservative around total square footage and rent costs
  • Is adaptable so as to weather staffing level fluctuations
  • Facilitates the organization’s important role as a convener (small to large meetings with other organizations, advocacy partners)
  • Enables them to be more geographically inclusive through better use of updated technology resources (e.g. video conferencing, better phone systems); and
  • Meets – as much as possible – the current and likely needs and preferences of staff (e.g., some need private space behind a door, some want more communal space, staff frequently need to call in to meetings)

Examples of work to be performed:

  • Interview/consult with Children’s Alliance team (staff, board, partners) to understand needs and aspirations for new space.
  • Develop a conceptual site plan
  • Develop a technology plan for the new site that focuses on role as convener and staff need to telecommute/connect from the field


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