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Marketing Strategy, Team Read

Team Read is looking for a skilled volunteer to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the organization. The volunteer will help refine Team Read’s messaging and suggest targeted ways that Team Read can effectively communicate with donors, stakeholders and the larger public. Key to this work will be helping Team Read leverage its beautiful new website, made possible by SVP volunteers. In addition, the volunteer will work with Executive Director, Maureen Massey, to develop a communications calendar that will guide staff in delivering key communications throughout the year.

This project has several phases and may be undertaken by multiple volunteers. Please reply with interest in any of the aspects described below.

1) Marketing messaging and strategy

  • Help Team Read in developing organizational messaging that supports key programs and strategies
  • Advise on the best delivery methods for communications
  • Lead in the development of an overarching plan for Team Read’s communications strategy

2) Program Messaging Calendar

  • Identify key times throughout the year to highlight Team Read’s work and determine what type of communications should be initiated

3) Fundraising—aligning our marketing with our fundraising

  • Meet with consultant Emily Anthony and Executive Director Maureen Massey to discuss and clarify/revise current key messages that should be present in fundraising collateral (hard copy, website, etc.)
  • Identify additional key messages as appropriate
  • Elevate new ideas about incorporating marketing best practices into Team Read fundraising

There is a great deal of flexibility in terms of the level of engagement for this project. Interested volunteers may provide support through:

  • On-going commitment (A few hours committed every week or month, such as participating on a board or being matched as a mentor or tutor.)
  • Single project (A discrete project that may require several hours of time over several weeks, such as developing a brochure, planning a training, building a web site, etc.)
  • One-time contribution (A few hours doing a discrete task, such as participating in a special event, reviewing a document, etc.)



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