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Equal Opportunity Schools (EOS) is looking for a skilled marketing professional who can help the organization undertake a review and refresh of their collateral materials and messaging to ensure that EOS is effectively demonstrating the value that they provide.

EOS has been successful at engaging large numbers of school and district leaders. Because of their focus on low-income students and students of color, one may conclude that EOS’ work only impacts low-income and students of color.  To the contrary, EOS also sees significant improvements in outcomes among missing white and Asian benchmark students. One such consideration for EOS is whether it is viable to shift their messaging to talk about how they serve all kids, without losing the focus on the need to make significant impact on low income students and students of color. The project would entail a review of existing collateral and recommendations for new collateral. It would also involve a review of EOS’ current marketing strategies and coaching on how to improve our current efforts. Examples of work to be performed include:

  • Message development – what are the right messages to use in talking about how to serve all kids without losing focus on serving students of color; what are the right messages to communicate the value of the services that would support a future price increase
  • Updated partnership development collateral (brochure, invitation letter, introductory presentation)
  • Updated sales outreach process


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