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Child Care Resources promotes school readiness, a stable community and equity for children by building a quality child care system. They help families in challenging situations find answers to child care questions.

CCR works with families and child care providers throughout Washington State. They hear and learn from them about child care needs and solutions. Part of their mission is to advocate on behalf of these families.  Because the majority of their funding and direct services are aimed at formal child care settings, the world of Family, Friend & Neighbor (FFN) care often is seen as separate or other. Yet to carry out their mission for every child, resources must be directed toward the families who provide so much care for the youngest children.

CCR wants all of their staff to be able to fluently, confidently speak out about how families care for their young children, and what they need to be successful in supporting healthy child development. In order for CCR staff to adequately speak to the needs of all children in Collective Action conversations and coordination, they seek assistance in increasing all staff understanding of FFN.

CCR is looking for a volunteer to assist in assessing how they are currently messaging FFN and building communication tools (deeper than talking pts) to aid CCR staff while advocating for all children (including those in FFN) in community wide collective action efforts. In the end, they seek to have a strong, broad message to take to Collective Action table with backbone efforts as to the needs of children in FFN.

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