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IT Infrastructure Assessment

Help Equal Opportunity Schools work more efficiently and have a stable technology environment!

EOS is seeking an SVP Partner to assess their current infrastructure and make recommendations for software and hardware enhancements/upgrades. They’re specifically interested in focussing on computer capacity, Internet speed, audio and video conferencing, IT support desk vendor, data security, mobile computing/file-sharing, copier, etc. The volunteer would review the current equipment and offer suggestions for improvement based on the current and future use scenarios.

Examples of work to be performed:

  • Analyze the capacity of current computers to support the data analytics work and other use scenarios
  • Analyze Internet speed and efficiency –we currently have several routers
  • Review current methods of video and audio conferencing
  • Analyze risks re: data security
  • Analyze phone system
  • Recommend enhancements to basic software for daily tasks
  • Help to expand our sense of possible future use scenarios (e.g. working remotely)

Desired deliverables:

  • Provide suggestions for upgrading all or some of the computers and ongoing maintenance plan to optimize the use of the hardware
  • Outline a schedule for present and future IT purchases
  • Suggestions for more reliable video and audio conferencing system
  • Suggestions for data security
  • Analysis of current Internet capacity

Project Details & Next Steps

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